Manifest & Bake Ideal Partner Cake

What are the secret key ingredients in manifesting your ideal partner?  The four main characteristics to be successful in a love partnership are honesty, trust, reliability and great communications skills.  They must be in every relationship to make it last.  So they go into the first layer of your cake. 


Your second delicious layer should also be on the “must have list.  They include caring, commitment to you, cooperation with you, and respect for you. 


Yesterday I gave you 10 characteristics that would be icing on your cake.  If you and your partner do not have similar core values, your relationship will likely not succeed.  So choose among these additional core values to see which ones are important to you.  Are they important to your sweetheart?  These are your sweetening icing!


Let’s look at 10 more possible ingredients for your icing:

creativity                          detachment                    determination

diligence                            enthusiasm                     excellence

flexibility                         forgiveness                     friendliness        



I’ll add more of these in a later post.  But what does your cake look like?  Here’s an example!   

Mercury is retrograde and wordpress won’t let me upload the picture.  I’ll try again later!   

Perfect Partner Cake

Perfect Partner Cake

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