4 Lessons Live Life with No Regrets

Honor yourself. Honor your intuition. Honor your feelings. When you choose to live life honoring your feelings, you choose to live life with no regrets. 


Many years ago, I lived a life full of hidden emotions.  I didn’t want anyone to know how I felt and learned to adopt a poker face so that no one could read my emotions.  I was the person everyone else turned to with their raw emotions and their problems.  I was unable to share my own.  After all, I was supposed to be the strong one for everyone else.  How wrong I was.  I did not honor my own feelings! 


As a result of keeping myself tightly bound up in my cocoon of emotional protection, neither the bad feelings nor the good feelings could leak out into the outer world.  What lessons I had to learn!  Along came an angel friend who gently guided me to the loving world of Leo Buscaglia when she gave me his book Love.  There were several lessons for me to learn.  You see, others perceive me as striding forward confidently throughout life.  Inside myself, I was a quivering mass of jello fears, shaking that someone might discover the truth of who I truly was.  As a result I lived with plenty of regrets at not telling people in person how I honestly felt about them.  Oh I wanted to, but I was so afraid of their reaction.  I held back and stayed in my fear cocoon.


So here are the four main lessons I learned from Leo Buscaglia that may helped me on my journey. 


4 Lessons to Live a Loving Life


  1. Love myself enough to honor my feelings.
  2. When I care for someone, to tell them I care for them. 
  3. When I need a reassuring hug, hug someone else so we both feel great!
  4. Tell everyone you care about specifically what they mean to your world.


The last one is kinda like the warm fuzzies.  If someone has done something that gives me the warm fuzzies, I tell them I appreciate them for doing ___.  They feel good.  I feel good.  Win-win energy to go around!  My wise father used to say “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.”  Fortunately I learned those lessons well decades ago.  When people have left the earth to become angels, I know in my heart I have told them exactly what they have meant to me.  I live life with no regrets.


That’s how you feed your own energy and that’s how you help to feed others positive energy.  We all need to be needed.  We all need to be appreciated.  We all need to hear that others are grateful for something we have done for them.  Therefore we need to let others know when we are grateful.  Allow yourself to experience the joy in life you so richly deserve.  You see this grows your happiness and joy bubble of bliss!  So be an angel to someone in your world every day!


Reflection Questions! 

  1.  Did you smile at yourself in the mirror today?
  2. Tell yourself at least four ways you already experience joy and happiness in your life.
  3. Who needs to hear that you love and appreciate them?
  4. Who in your world needs a hug?


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to honor my feelings.  I intend to live a life with no regrets.


To love others, you must first love yourself ….

You can only give to others

what you have given to yourself.

(Leo Buscaglia)


Take a chance on Life’s Dance!

Live a life with No regrets!


Let’s increase the Love and vibrant energy of the planet!

Hugs and love from the Universe.



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4 Ways to Face Your Fear Drag-ons

Fear is a drag-on our emotions.  Fear holds us back from achieving our true potential in life.  There are really only two emotions in this world:  fear and love.  They are at opposite poles and all other emotions fall between the fear or negative emotion and love, the positive emotion.



Sleeping Drag-on

Sleeping Drag-on



Who knows what will trigger our fear?  Sometimes these fears are huge drag-ons.  Little tiny things will trigger them to come our way.  Frequently we give our startled response and act in anger.  Is it really anger you are feeling or do you fear something that has become your drag-on?  Is it really pain you are feeling or has your sleeping drag-on awakened?





 You see, people who truly love us, support us emotionally. What happens in our lives truly matters to them. They want our happiness and our joy. They are part of our Love Journey. When we leave them we feel positive, upbeat and good about ourselves.  They help give us a sense of belonging.  They help us to look in the mirror of life and reaffirm that we are just fine the way we are.  That’s what love does.



Friends as Drag-ons

Friends as Drag-ons

Other times they appear as friendly drag-ons.  Those are people we thought were friends, only they bring out these negative feelings in us.  They leave us feeling drained, uninspired and negative.  I call them our soul-sucking drag-ons.  They certainly don’t love us. 

They are doing everything they can to steal our personal power by showering us with their negative energy.




4 Ways to Slay Your Drag-ons


Slay your drag-ons  So I’m suggesting you start slaying your Fear drag-ons. Start with the one that haunts you the most.  That drag-on is impacting your life the most, so let’s get rid of it first.   First drag it up to your conscious level.  Second ask yourself what is the worst possible thing that can happen if you deal with it head on?  Third, rehearse in your mind how you want the scene the go the next time you have to face that particular drag-on.  Fourth, how do you want to feel once you are finished slaying your worst drag-on?  I hope you will say, “I Love myself for facing my fear”.  It’s the only way you will ever find Your Sacred Safe Place in your heart and your soul.




Cross Rainbow Bridge


Cross that bridge to loving yourself.  You see, if you love yourself enough, you will choose to slay your drag-ons.  Your drag-on feelings are holding you back from reaching your true potential in life.  You did not come here to fear life.  You came here to love yourself enough to embrace life.  When you face your drag-ons by crossing that bridge, you will have abundant love and beauty surrounding you wherever you go.  So what is holding you back from loving the most important person on the planet … YOU!



Reflection Questions! 

  1. What is your main fear?
  2. What is the virgin moment of when that fear started?
  3. What is the worst possible thing to happen to you if you confront that fear?
  4. How will you feel if that fear no longer rules your personal world?


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to face my fears.  I am the drag-on slayer.  I intend to walk my world in love.  I love me!



Man has a pretty static picture of the world,

Accidentally or forcibly imprinted upon him

By means of chains of conditioned associations.

Man believes him imprint board is reality.

(Timothy Leary)


Let’s increase the Love and vibrant energy of the planet!

Hugs and love from the Universe.




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Bullies are Sociopaths & Psychopaths

Bullies in the Hood?  Bullies in your office?  Bullies in your family? Take back your Sacred Space.  Take back your Neighborhood! Use your mind-body-spirit connection to rid your world of these toxic bugs.  They are like pesky mosquitoes everywhere.  Visualize them as being a pesky mosquito and “slap” them mentally, emotionally and spiritually.    



I have worked with some pretty mean bullies in my lifetime.  The psychological literature shows that bullies are frequently our bosses.  They are found in every family.  They are found in every political party.  They are found in every neighborhood.  They are found in every club and organization.



Let me explain what their behavior means in psychological terms.  According to the DSMIV, they are officially one of two names either sociopaths or psychopaths.  They exhibit psychopathological behavior.  Yes, I know, you thought those were the people in jail who committed some unspeakable crime.  They too are sociopaths who have committed a crime they got caught for.  There are also sociopaths who frequently are white color workers or like I said, they live and breathe everywhere.  They clearly exhibit the same types of emotional and behavioral patterns that have put the others behind bars.  Like prisoners, they are prisoners within their own skin because of their choices. Some we call psychic vampires or soul vampires.  We totally feel drained when we are in their presence.  I have written about that earlier in this blog.




Nobody has every liked them since they were kids.  They are totally insecure.  Let me explain.  All of us want attention when we are children.  If we can’t get it in a positive way, then we become poorly behaved and get that attention in a negative way.  Take a look at any adorable 2 year old.  If they don’t get loving attention, they start screaming just so that someone will pay attention to them and their emotions.  So a bully is self-created by their own choice of how to act!



When it goes on for a long time, they learn the only way they can get attention from their peers is through bullying and intimidation.  They use manipulation to get others to bend to their will.  They use this energy of fear tactics because it is the only way they have any personal power.  The other way they get power is to get into a position of authority.  Then what absolute horrors they bring to all our lives. 



So what can we do about it?  One strategy I have already told you about.  Visualize and don’t run away.  Face them head on.  You see bullies do not like to be confronted.  They don’t know what to do if someone isn’t screaming or shouting back.  If you remain calm, cool and collected, they are totally unsure of themselves.  They feed off fear energy. 



Conversely, another more powerful strategy  is you can be an angel, but a firm angel.  First do the visualization so that you are changing the energy around you.  You’ll be giggling inside at least.  Then surround yourself with a golden colored cocoon so their negative energy won’t hurt you.  Next send them loving energy.  Wrap them tightly in warm soothing hugs and send them love energy.  That’s truly what they crave.  But you see, they do not love themselves.  If a person does not love themselves, they are incapable of ever loving anyone else.  We have to surround them in a multisensory way with love energy.  If you are an angel of light, you will do what you can to help this impoverished soul.  They are in such emotional pain. 



Personally, I feel sorry for the choices they have made for themselves during their life’s journey.  At any moment in time, these bullies can choose to change their own energy.  They too can choose to begin loving themselves.  This in turn will help them to loving others in a healthy way.  Be an angel.  Help them to change their energy if you are a healer and they want to change their energy.  These bullies are truly in their own personal self-created hell. 


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to teach others to change their attitudes when they are ready to love themselves.



Let’s increase the Love and vibrant energy of the planet!

Hugs and love from the Universe.



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 [M. Scott Peck, psychiatrist wrote his book, People of the Lie, explaining this in more depth.]

Bridge your Pain

Sometimes the journey begins with the first step.  Sometimes it’s just a baby step and that’s okay.  It’s forward movement of energy that counts at the beginning. The emotions run deeply under that long bridge.  Sometimes we keep those emotions tightly wrapped around us. 


My father’s family lives near the longest covered bridge in the world at Hartland, New Brunswick, Canada.  Covered bridges were built during the horse and buggy days.  That bridge reminds me of how people insulate themselves from the outside world.  That beautiful old wooden bridge is covered to protect people and horses during frigid New Brunswick winters my grandfather told me.  They were built so that people could seek shelter from storms.  While the rain, sleet or snow rages outside, the horses, buggies and people were protected.

Bridge your Pain

Bridge your Pain




Life is often like that.  We protect ourselves by wrapping our hearts up securely in a blanket of thick walls.  Those walls keep our pain wrapped tightly up so that only a wee portion gets to leak out from time to time.  Those emotions make us feel vulnerable when we are dealing with the realities of life.  Those emotions create the Longest Covered Bridge in the World right inside ourselves.



There is an opening however.  If you open yourself up to facing the pain and reframing it with love energy.  Here’s how to raise this to your conscious level and empower yourself to grow into the light.  It’s just at the opening of the bridge.  You can do it.  Take the first baby step.  You can release yourself from continuing to have the storm of pain inside yourself!  YES YOU CAN.  It’s totally up to you!



Reframe Reflection Questions

1.  What was the lesson for me to learn in this situation?

2.  How has this lesson helped me to move forward with my life?

3.  Do I need to continue to protect this pain by keeping it deeply buried?

4.  Can I walk forward into the light of love energy by seeing the world as a better place since I learned that lesson?



Affirmation:  I intend to be safe emotionally from feeling the pain.  I pray for the strength to take the baby steps to move forward. This situation has helped me to grow to be the perfect person I am today.  I use this experience as a bridge to a better world for me.



A journey of a thousand miles

Begins with a single step.




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5 Secrets to Loving Yourself

Self talk, the little voice in your head, the tape that runs over and over; these are all powerful words to describe how you feel about yourself.  If your self esteem and self-talk tends to be filled with put downs and negative affirmations of the essence of you, then how can you ever love yourself?  If you do not love yourself, how can you ever expect anyone else to love you?  Love yourself first!  Love yourself enough.  Empower yourself and you do the work.  The Universal Laws of Attraction suggest that you get and receive as much love as you give out. 




A person who is very dear to me has done irreparable harm to her soul, her emotions, her mind and her body.  She does not love herself.  Her self talk tells her she is not loveable.  She has chosen to ignore her emotions and deal with her fears.  As a result she is a severe anorexic and now also has a severe alcoholic problem.  What could she have chosen to do differently?  Here are 5 Secret Keys that at any point in time she easily could have empowered herself with.



1.  Change your thoughts. What are you feeding your mind?  Have a visual of a stop sign.  When you begin calling yourself down, immediately stop your little voice and replace it with all the wonderful things that you are.

2.  Change your energy.  Garbage in, garbage out.  What are you feeding your body?  If your are feeding it garbage also known as junk food, then how can you expect to feel good about yourself?  Feed your body with healthy foods such as fruits and veggies. 

3.  Change your behavior 1.  What are you feeding your soul? Get an elastic band or something elastic and put it on your wrist.  When you catch yourself and stop yourself from saying something negative about yourself or others, transfer it to your other wrist.  Within one week of bringing this behavior to your conscious attention, you will likely be using more positive self talk.

4.  Change your behavior 2.  What are you feeding your emotions? Confront your fears.  What is the worst possible thing that can happen to you if you do that?  You will love yourself and be empowered with higher self esteem.

5.  Random Acts of Kindness.  Be an angel!  Choose to do something for someone else, preferably a stranger.  The research shows that when we do this we feel better about ourselves.  Keep it a delicious secret that you can hug to yourself!



Reflection Questions

  1. What are 4 things I say in my head when I get upset with myself? How can I consciously change that self talk habit?
  2. What are 4 things I can do to pamper myself so that I feel good today?
  3. One a scale of 1-10 how well do I love myself?  5 = average, 10 is top of the scale.
  4. What are 4 ways in which I can easily perform an angel act or Random Act of Kindness?

Take a chance performing Life’s dance

Love yourself first!


Instead of looking for love, give it;

constantly renew it in yourself and

you will always feel its presence within you.

It will always be there smiling at you,

gazing on you kindly.

(Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov)


I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to empower yourself!  If you found this helpful, then visit my website www.moonwomenspirituality.com.  If your want information on how the daily Moon and Sun energy affects you, your love and your relationships, visit www.wisewomaninwoods.blog.ca

Love Yourself, Then Love Family

With spiritual counseling with women and particularly mothers, I tell them to love themselves first.  The psychology behind this is the secret.  This focuses woman energy on the family in a more pleasant way.  If the woman takes time to pamper herself daily, then she has refilled her emotional well.  She then feels better about herself and has more energy to give to her husband or partner as well as to her kids.



For example my daughter-in-law has three young children.  As a stay-at home mother for the past decade, she has totally devoted her life to her family.  However she has done little for herself.  In the spring she was telling me how exhausted she was.  I asked her what she was doing for herself and heard the usual “there is no time for me” story.  I asked her the same reflection questions below.  She choose to start pampering herself by getting up an hour earlier every day and going for a walk.  This is  me time” for her when she could relax, get in touch with herself, meditate while walking, and so on.  She was emotionally exhausted from being a mother and wife.  Four months after doing this for herself, she is re-energized, has lost several pounds and looks forward to life.  That sounds to me like a win-win situation.  She wins, her relationship wins, and her children win.  Win-win situations are so delicious!




Reflection Questions

1.      What 4 things would I choose for pampering myself?           

2.       Where can I find time today to do at least one of those 4 things?

3.      Do I love myself enough for “pamper me time?”

4.      On a scale of 1-10 how well do I love myself?  5 = average, 10 is top of the scale.


To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”.

(Oscar Wilde)



I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to change that!  If you found this helpful, then visit my website www.moonwomenspirituality.com or if your desire information on how horoscopes relate to love, visit www.wisewomaninwoods.blog.ca

Love and Relationships

Love is the most powerful energy of the universe.    We love our partners, love our children and love our homes. Love is the secret emotion that connects us in our main relationships with people.  Love also binds us to our pets such as our dogs and cats.  Love ties us to the things that are the most important in our lives. 


Hearts are a universal symbol.  Hearts are used around the world by all cultures and all people.  Yes we love hearts and we love being in love.  What an amazing and awesome feeling to be in love!


So how can you increase your Love IQ?  Be honest with yourself and answer the reflection questions.  You too can have your ideal love relationship whether you are single or married, whether you are dating or in a long term relationship.


Love is the most amazing journey into yourself.  Love my journey.  This is your journey into loving yourself so you can have quality relationships with others!  Raise your consciousness and raise your Love IQ

1.      Who do I share or want to share a love relationship with today?

2.      Who was the first person, as a mature person, I ever loved?

3.      One a scale of 1-10 how well do I love myself today?  5 = average, 10 is top of the scale.

4.      Where can I find some “me pampering” time today? 

Music…gives wings to the mind,

a soul to the universe,

flight to the imagination,

a charm to sadness,

a life to everything.


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