ADHD, Behavior Problems & Plants

Kids and adults with ADHD or other jittery focus problems can be helped by plants.  As a specialist with severe behaviorial kids, I searched for any ways I could find to help the kids manage their own “out-of-control” behaviors.  You see their brain wiring differs from the regular population.  The kids know it, but often adults are not aware of this. 


In the last school I worked in before I retired, we had a small greenhouse. I taught my staff to help the kids to take control of their behaviors through various behavior modification techniques. I found that when a child was agitated for whatever reason, if a staff member took that child to the green house, they would soon calm down.  We had mats on the floor and it seemed that if the child could sit on the mat, or lay on the mat, the child would calm down much more quickly. In essence they were being closer to the earth.


We then could discuss where that specific problem started and how the child could monitor their own body reaction to what sometimes was an emotional trigger.  Sometimes, it was because they had eaten too much sugar or junk food.  Other times it was due to something someone said to them on the play ground.  In other words, we were trying to have the child understand their triggers, understand their body signals and begin to take control of their own reactions.  We gave the kids life skills for managing their own behavior.


The bottom line is, when a person is agitated, there is something in plants that helps to calm them down.  Can I explain what that something is?  Is there research to support it?  Good questions.  I’m not sure there is conclusive research.  However, I have found with extreme behavioral teens, when they are in extreme anger mode, if they have the opportunity to “hug a tree” for 5 minutes, they calm down immensely.  Ten years later, some of my teens are now adults and tell me they still use this technique to help them.  I also have talked to Greenhouse owners who tell me of how mothers will come in with kids who are crying or screaming even.  Within a very few minutes, the kids calm down. The mothers will calm down and all is a much better quality of life in their world.


Similarly, taking a walk outside in a garden or going to a campground which has lots of trees and natural life calms people down.  Why do you enjoy taking holidays to either the mountains, the ocean or a park?  These can be Your sacred Safe Places on earth. The positive energy of green growing things cannot be denied.  Sometimes I believe the angels and fairies must live among the plants!  Read the Secret Life of Plants, or one of the books about Scotland’s Findhorn Community and you will be amazed!


Affirmations and Intentions: 

I intend to take a walk in nature to renew and refresh my spirit.



Dance with the wee folk in the Moonlight!

Wee!  Slide down a rainbow on your magic carpet!


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What Tribe do you Belong to?

 A 30 year old man died last night by his own hand.  It doesn’t matter how he chose to commit suicide.    He lived only for his drugs and partying.  Did he discover that his friends made through drugs and alcohol were shallow friendships?  We will never know.  He had no sense of purpose for the last decade of his life.  He had no true sense of belonging. 


Self actualize!

Self actualize!

A sense of belonging is a human fundamental emotional need.  We all have a need to feel needed by someone else, even if it is one single person.  That person validates us and makes us feel special.  We can then go forward with living a life on purpose. 




I am sad that this young man choose this route.  I have worked extensively with teens who did not complete suicide.  In all cases but one we were able to give them a sense of belonging to the tribe or to greater community.  But you see it ultimately is not up to any one of us to establish that sense of belonging for others.  They have to choose to belong to the tribe themselves.  They have to feel needed.


I am sad for this young man’s family whom I personally know.  They will live the rest of their lives questioning where they went wrong.  They didn’t do anything wrong.  It was his choice.  At any moment he could have chosen a different path, but he never took the multitude of opportunities that came his way. 


Love life!

Love life!

Frankly, I get angry at people who complete suicide.  They truly are the ultimate in being selfish.  They are not up to the challenge of grabbing onto the roller coaster ride of life.  They leave behind a legacy of guilt and tears in the people they supposedly love.  I have heard far too often from friends and family of suiciders.  Years later, the ones left behind feel guilty at not having done something. 




Hear this message loud and clear.  There is nothing you could have done.  It is a personal choice to opt out of life.  They have chosen to be the walking dead to begin with.  They have not truly been alive for some time.  That totally is their choice. Their choice is a permanent fix to a temporary problem.  The person who opts out of life by suicide usually does not want help.  The help is everywhere today.  They are too selfish to get it.  They fear more than they love life or love themselves. 



Reflection Questions! 

  1.  What tribes to do you belong to?
  2. What purpose do you have for living your life?
  3. How do you give to your community?
  4. What are at least four things you want to accomplish yet?


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to be grateful for living a life on purpose.

Earth Angels Vote Green

Earth Angel

Earth Angel

I am totally in love with this earth we humans live on.  My relationship with Mother Earth is a spiritual and emotional love affair.  In our house, we do everything we possibly can to change our habits so that we are living in synchronicity with the energy of Mother Earth.  We respect her.  We revere her.  We try to protect her.  If we choose not to respect our environment, it is at our own peril




Climate change is here now.  Climate change impacts each and every one of our families.  We, the people of this earth, get it.  We live with the smog.  We live with the pollution.  We live with the more frequently devastating storms such as Katrina.  My question is why then, in a democratic society, do our politicians not get it?  It’s because we keep on voting in members of parliament that do not listen to us.  We, the people, are responsible for voting those politicians in.  Both Canada and the United States soon go to the polls.  Who are you going to choose to represent you?  Someone who also is concerned about the earth or someone who does not get that the economy of our nation, the economy of the world is directly tied into going Green and paying attention to the environment as the first most important thing.  Everything related to humans revolves around the earth.  Please see this link!


 If you want a quality of life for your children, your grandchildren and yourself now and in the future, then you simply must do the right thing and vote strategically for a greener planet.  I believe we are each Earth Angels.  It is up to us what we expect and indeed demand from our government officials.  If they don’t connect the dots that everything we do impacts Earth’s entire eco-system, then we have to connect those dots for them by our vote.  The Power of One Person!  The Power of One Vote is immense when added to all the other Earth Angels who sincerely care about the future for their kids and families.  We mothers and fathers must exercise our power by voting on election day.


In reading an article put out by the Pembina Institute, a non-partisan sustainable energy think tank, they suggest that Canada has been singled out as being less than forward thinking in Canada’s plan to tackle environmental issues.  See the link here:  Actually our Canadian track record is the worst of all G8 countries. 

As individuals we are doing a lot.

As a Canadian nation we are doing squat.

Canada has never had a government

that truly made global warming a priority;

But Canadians have never been more concerned about protecting our planet.


According to the article I cited here are their results based on 10 criteria.

Greens scored well.

Liberals and NDP had mixed reviews.

Conservative environmental plan is poor.

Therefore vote ABC [anything but Conservative!]


Message from Universe!

Message from Universe!

So what can you do?  Here is our Earth Angel Voting Plan!  These people are under-represented in the polls:








  1. Ensure 5 women friends go out and vote for the Earth.
  2. Ensure 5 people ages 18 -35 go out and vote for the Earth.
  3. Make this discussion a priority around our Thanksgiving weekend.
  4. Women exercise your power as a wife, a mother and a caregiver!


It is time for a change.  It is time for transformation.  It is time we cared enough to give this planet we live on the best we have to offer.  That best happens to be our vote.  You have the Power to encourage others to make their vote matter!  Earth Angel Blessings to you!



“In times of change, learners inherit the earth,

while the learned find themselves

beautifully equipped to deal with a world

that no longer exists.”

(Eric Hoffer)


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