ADHD, Behavior Problems & Plants

Kids and adults with ADHD or other jittery focus problems can be helped by plants.  As a specialist with severe behaviorial kids, I searched for any ways I could find to help the kids manage their own “out-of-control” behaviors.  You see their brain wiring differs from the regular population.  The kids know it, but often adults are not aware of this. 


In the last school I worked in before I retired, we had a small greenhouse. I taught my staff to help the kids to take control of their behaviors through various behavior modification techniques. I found that when a child was agitated for whatever reason, if a staff member took that child to the green house, they would soon calm down.  We had mats on the floor and it seemed that if the child could sit on the mat, or lay on the mat, the child would calm down much more quickly. In essence they were being closer to the earth.


We then could discuss where that specific problem started and how the child could monitor their own body reaction to what sometimes was an emotional trigger.  Sometimes, it was because they had eaten too much sugar or junk food.  Other times it was due to something someone said to them on the play ground.  In other words, we were trying to have the child understand their triggers, understand their body signals and begin to take control of their own reactions.  We gave the kids life skills for managing their own behavior.


The bottom line is, when a person is agitated, there is something in plants that helps to calm them down.  Can I explain what that something is?  Is there research to support it?  Good questions.  I’m not sure there is conclusive research.  However, I have found with extreme behavioral teens, when they are in extreme anger mode, if they have the opportunity to “hug a tree” for 5 minutes, they calm down immensely.  Ten years later, some of my teens are now adults and tell me they still use this technique to help them.  I also have talked to Greenhouse owners who tell me of how mothers will come in with kids who are crying or screaming even.  Within a very few minutes, the kids calm down. The mothers will calm down and all is a much better quality of life in their world.


Similarly, taking a walk outside in a garden or going to a campground which has lots of trees and natural life calms people down.  Why do you enjoy taking holidays to either the mountains, the ocean or a park?  These can be Your sacred Safe Places on earth. The positive energy of green growing things cannot be denied.  Sometimes I believe the angels and fairies must live among the plants!  Read the Secret Life of Plants, or one of the books about Scotland’s Findhorn Community and you will be amazed!


Affirmations and Intentions: 

I intend to take a walk in nature to renew and refresh my spirit.



Dance with the wee folk in the Moonlight!

Wee!  Slide down a rainbow on your magic carpet!


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Bullies and Alternative Healing

The biggest tournament of the year was about to happen and I called her into my office and told her she was not allowed to go.  She was devastated and of course went to her parents lamenting the fact that this was to be her last basketball game in that K-9 school and she was not allowed to attend.  Her mother was one of my favorite staff members.  Her father walked me “down the aisle” when we got married 5 years ago.  So I’m very close to the family.  This girl is like looking myself in the mirror at the same age since she is also a Taurus and born 2 days after me.  

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

The egg is a seed.  To me a seed stands for new beginnings of some kind.  In my last year of teaching and being school administrator, bullying was a real issue. The 14 year old star of our girls’ basketball team was being a bully.  Her coach complained about her behavior at practice.  Her teammates tearfully came to me for counseling when her comments ripped them to shreds emotionally. 






However, she had become a bully not only to her teammates and to her coach, but also to other kids in the school.  Understand this is a gal who is beautiful, smart and a leader.  But she had become full of herself and was arrogant.  I knew that somehow I had to nip this behavior in the bud or she would be horrid as an adult. 


Needless to say, her father called me at home that night saying his daughter was just sobbing her heart out and Daddy wanted to fix it for his eldest child.  I listened and told him I would deal with her in the morning, but made no promises.  On my 45 minute drive to school I prayed to God to give me a solution since it was beyond me.  Instantly the answer came to have the girl go and buy a dozen eggs before I did a counseling session with her on this issue. 


When she brought me the eggs, I had her write the names of each of her team mates on the each egg.  Then I had her write her coach’s’ and the names of her two sisters.  So now each egg had a name on it.  She picked up each egg in turn and told that person how she truly felt about them and what she cherished about them.

I then had her take each egg, one at a time and put it on the floor and stomp on it.  When she was through with all 12 eggs, I told her she had to pick up each individual egg and yolk and return it just the way she found it.  Of course this is impossible. 



I then told her that is what she does with each person she belittles and puts down.  She breaks their spirit with her words.  They are never returned whole in the same state at which she found them.  It mixes them up and they are shattered.  I asked her how she felt towards each of these people whom I know she loves.  When she told me she was devastated by her behavior, I then had her clean up her yellow yolky mess.  She then had to go and find each person whose name was on an egg and apologize to them for her behavior. She was to tell them how much she valued their friendship and how much she loved them.  Here was the condition.  If they accepted her apology with grace and forgiveness, she got to go to the tournament.  She was not to tell her friends that.  She was crying, I was crying for the soul of this young chick. 


It was a lesson well learned.  Yes, she got to go to the tournament.  When she went to high school, she became a phenomenal leader, with compassion and understanding.  Today, I’ve very proud of the young adult woman she has turned out to be.  She is a leader in her small community.  She is a valuable contributing member to her peers.  She even likes herself now and no longer feels the need to bully. 



You see, bullies are the most insecure people in the world.  When we confront them, it takes away their power.  If there is a bully in your life today, take the seed of this idea.  Create a new beginning for yourself and for your life.  Confront your fear and do not let them run over you.  Be an angel for your sake and theirs and confront them with their behavior.


Sometimes we have to use the seeds of tough love to have the result of a lovely caring and compassionate person.  Did I know how this was going to turn out?  Not at all.  But God gave me a clear message and I trusted that message.


Take the first step in faith.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase,

just take the first step.

(Martin Luther King Jr.)



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7 Ways to Alternative Healing

Love Notes

Love Notes

There are diverse alternative ways to heal ourselves.  Healing the mind-body-spirit connection is one of the best ways I know of.  We have to go to the emotional root cause of why our body and soul are not healthy.  Many times we are heart and soul sick.  It manifests in our bodies as all sorts of dis-ease.  That is due to the fact that we are not emotionally at ease with what is happening in our lives.





A dear friend of mine has been dealing with some pain shooting down her leg for some months.  She was having some difficulty with her adult son.  Rather than stand her ground on some issues, she continually was caving into his demands for her financial support of his desire to live the good life.  Oh he has a job, but it was not enough to support his “wants”, just his needs. Rather than get a better paying job, or working two jobs for his wants, he continuously emotionally bombarded his mother until she gave into him and gave him money.  Once she began to firmly establish some boundaries around her own emotional needs, the pain went away.  She was firmly standing her ground and her legs were pain free. 

Coincidence?  I don’t think so! 



When the mother brought to her conscious level, what she was emotionally doing to herself, she used the Law of Attraction to begin attracting her different response to the emotional attacks from her son.  She began to recognize the pattern she had established when he was a young child.  She had given into his anger and his demands even then.  Many parents unwittingly do that, setting a pattern that will hold true for the family until the parents decide to change their response to it.  Remember, you can’t change anyone else’s behavior.  You can only change your own behavior and your own response to anything!




Caroline Myss in her book Invisible Acts of Power suggests there are 7 kinds of power we all possess.

  1.  Life is a Spiritual Journey.
  2. Your biology and your spirit want to serve.
  3. Intuition influences every choice you make in life.
  4. Your intuition and generosity evolve as your personal power evolves.
  5. Angels and grace are real.
  6. You are never alone.
  7. Everything you do matters.



When you choose to let your intuition be your guide, indeed when you choose to ask your higher power to walk by your side, you will never be alone.  Heal your soul.  Heal your heart.  Heal your mind.  When you have done these three things, your body will heal itself.  You have the power within you!



Reflection Questions

What in my soul needs to heal?

What in my heart needs to heal?

What in my mind needs to heal?

What in my body needs to heal?

What am I grateful?

Where can I find some “me pampering” time today?


Affirmation for your Vision Board:  I intend to heal myself beginning right now!  I heal my soul, my heart, my mind and my spirit.  I love each cell in my DNA.  Each cell in my body is healthy. 



Thanks to the human heart by which we live;

thanks to its tenderness,

its joys, and fears.

(William Wordsworth)






I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to empower yourself!  If you found this helpful, then visit my website  If your want information on how the daily Moon and Sun energy emotionally affects you, your love and your relationships, visit my astrology blog at