Spirituality Rule of 3 Coincidences

Green lights are on!  In the Law of Energy Attraction, there is a rule to help guide us.  That Rule is when three coincidental events happen that appear related, pay attention!  This directs us to the next thing we should be doing. 


First Event:  Recently a friend gifted me of some things his son, an ESL teacher, sent from China. I like them primarily because they are made of blue and silk. 


Second Event:  A friend send me some information on how Tai Chi is related to astrology which I’m passionate about.   


Third Event:  My hubby gave me two lovely balls in a padded wooden box painted with a Sun and a Moon.  They have very distinct ring tones to them. 


This all happened over the course of a two week span.  I felt strongly that I needed to check into what these mysterious balls were.  Why would they be in our remote northern part of Canada?  I found out they are called Chinese Medicine Balls.  When I delved further into the historical background, I was led to investigating Tai Chi. 


Conclusion:  I’m supposed to start doing Tai Chi for my health.  I’m grateful to the Universal Force which led me to pertinent websites that will help guide me in the study of the philosophy of Tai Chi.  For you yoga folks and alternative energy folks, this is definitely tied in Kundalini and Zero Point Energy.  Any of you who might have helpful information, I would be grateful for it!


Reflection Questions! 

  1. What are three events that appear as coincidences in your life?
  2. What conclusion can you draw from these coincidences to the direction on your roadmap of life?


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to do Tai Chi exercises every day.  I intend to continue my research and studies into the mind-body-spirit-emotion connection. 


You cannot change anything in your life with intention alone,

which can become a watered-down, occasional hope

that you’ll get to tomorrow.

Intention without action is useless.”

(Caroline Myss)


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