Love Yourself Bridge Strategies

It’s time for you to remove your mask.  You know what I mean!  It’s the mask you put on when you leave your home.  It’s the mask you put on every time you interact with another human being.  It’s the mask you have chosen to paint over the real you.   My question is, do you remember who the real you is?


Here’s what I know to be true.  God doesn’t make any junk (Ethel Waters).  So the true inner you is an angel of light and beauty.  Therefore you are the star of your soul’s parade.  It’s time for you to let your own personal light shine through that mask you have been wearing. 


So it’s time to strip away your mask and rediscover who the true you is.  I’m asking you to re-discover yourself to become the self actualizing person you came to this earth to become.  It’s time for you to go into Your Sacred Safe Place deep inside yourself and figure out your cornerstone belief system.  How can you do that?  Look to your mind-body-spirit-emotion connection


Find out what brings you happiness and joy in each of those cornerstones that form the foundation of who you came to be this lifetime.  Once you cross the bridge into being your true self, you get to strip away all the chaos from your life.  You are on your true path to manifesting the real you!  Your energy will connect with others who are vibrating with the same type of energy you are vibrating with.  Angels will come into your life out of seemingly nowhere.  Ah, doesn’t that feel better? 


Bridge your fear.  Step out of your fear shadow.  Step into the sunlight.  Let your personal light shine.  Love yourself.  Be yourself Yes you can … strip away those masks! Cross your bridge from fear to love and become the person you intend to be!


Reflection Questions!  Use one to four adjectives to describe each part of your fundamental self.

  1. My body is _____
  2. My mind is _____
  3. My soul is _____
  4. My main emotion is joy and happiness.


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to live a life I deserve.  I am living a life of joy and happiness. 


To be nobody but yourself

in a world which is doing its best day and night

to make you everybody else,

means to fight the hardest battle

which any human being can fight, and

never stop fighting.

(e.e. cummings)


Dance with the ancient wise ones in the Moonlight!

Wee!  Slide down a rainbow on your magic carpet!

 Let’s increase the Love and vibrant energy of the planet!

Hugs and love from the Universe.



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4 Seasons of Love

There are 4 seasons to our Love and relationships.  I’m referring to loving yourself, loving your family, loving your friends and loving your partner.  I’m convinced that 4 seasons cycle holds true in many different areas of our lives.  I believe we were giving the 4 seasons as a blueprint for those cycles that we can detect in our lives.  Think about this and apply it to yourself!  This can assist in your cycle of transformation and change which those who seek continual growth go through.


So if I’m truly engaged and active and upbeat, there will be a time in my life when my rhythm has to be the valley where I go deep inside and am quiet.  That gives me the balance. That does not mean I have lost the thing I am passionate about.  It means I have to experience the quietness of that passion to take it to a new level. 



In the spring of the year, all seeds are bursting forth with newness and growth and vivid color.  The smell is different.  The colors are different.  All the senses are alert and alive.  Similarly, our passion for someone or something we love has to have seeds that burst forth.  During the newness or the beginnings of that love, our senses are like those of the springtime.


In the summer, the colors change.  They grow deeper as the flowers mature.  Much of the plants energy goes into creating these flowers and this beauty to attract the birds and the bees which help pollinate the plant.  Similarly in our relationships, we put a lot of energy into the love we have for another during the summer of that relationship.  We explore ideas together, we do things together, we spend a lot of time watering and feeding one another’s soul. 


In the fall the rhythm of life changes.  We no longer need the bright colors to attract birds and bees.  The fruit is developing nicely.  This is similar to love energy.  It has been pollinated and is maturing.  It will be sustained if we have nurtured it, weeded out the stuff that doesn’t work for us both and fed the relationship with good topsoil of conversations and experiences. Our relationship has ripened and matured by a level of truth, honesty, trust and understanding.


In the winter, we tend to be quieter in our relationship.  It’s not hibernating, but is sustained under that lovely snowy blanket of white that holds everything we hold dear together.  That snowy blanket is woven through the love fabric of emotions that continue to water our love through both good times and others.  So sometimes we get a total new dusting of snow and at other times we get slush.  So what, our blanket of love is woven tightly enough to endure.  If we are very wise, we are planning together for the next phase or cycle of our lives.  We are deepening our relationship.  While this appears to be a quiet time, in fact life is teeming underneath the white mask we present to the outer world.  This is a time of introspection and quiet rhythms of day to day normal life with our partner or with our friends.  They accept us as we are.


We need the quietness of winter where everything is sleeping before we can burst forth with a new spring growth!  It comes full circle once again.  Wise ones will tell you that you need to continually work at your relationship to sustain it, to make it a perennial plant.  I want to suggest you look at having 4 seasons in your love relationship!


Reflection Questions Love Quiz:  Examine your relationships and friendships pattern. 

  1. What do you typically do in the spring of any relationship?
  2. List 4 words to describe your actions in the summer phase of relationships.
  3. List 4 words to describe your behavior in the fall or autumn of relationships.
  4. In what season is your relationship with yourself, with your friends, with your honey?

Affirmation:  I intend to allow myself my natural cycle of relationships!

Instead of looking for love, give it;

constantly renew it in yourself and

you will always feel its presence within you.

It will always be there smiling at you,

gazing on you kindly.

(Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov)


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10 Ways to Manifest Perfect Partner Cake

In manifesting your perfect partner, or the ideal person who fits with your body energy, you have to do the work!  No it is not a cake walk, so empower yourself!  Here are the next 10 attributes you might want to consider for the icing on your cake!  Choosing the top characteristics that fit with who you fundamental are, is critical to your long term relationship success.  The Law of Attraction and you creating your ideal energy mate to mirror your emotional vibration does work!

Gentleness             helpfulness             honesty

Honorable              humility                 idealistic

Integrity               joyful                    justice




A friend of mine is just ending her relationship that has been seven years of hell for her.  When I asked her on a scale of one – ten to rate each of those qualities found in layer one and layer two of the relationship cake, she gave a dismal one or two rating.  Suddenly the light bulb came on.  She clearly sees now why her relationship did not last. 


Reflection Question Quiz or Love Calculator

 On a scale of 1-10 you do the ratings!

1 = poor        5 = average           10 = excellent

1.      Where do I stand in each quality on layer one? (4 ratings)

2.      Where does my honey stand in each quality on layer one? (4 ratings)

3.      Where do I stand in each quality on layer two? (4 ratings)

4.      Where does my sweetheart stand? (4 ratings)


Rate your relationship: 

80 or less       Read some tips on growing your self esteem!

80 – 95            Don’t you deserve better than average?

96 – 143         Wow!  You’ve got a silver medal winner!

144+              You have a pure gold Olympic medal angel!



“Before you try to change others,

remember how hard it is to change yourself.”

(Bill Bluestein)


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5 CHART Secrets to Ideal Man or Woman Relationship

We all want to chart our way to the ideal relationship with a partner.  Whether you are looking for the ideal man or the ideal woman in a relationship, there is a road map or chart to growing that relationship.  The same holds true for growing a fabulous friendship!



First you find someone worthy of you and then apply the CHART acronym and principles below.  If you don’t have any of these five fundamental foundation keys, your relationship will wither and die.  When one practices, the spiritual principles of the law of attraction, one manifests a partner whose energy mirrors your own.  In my experience in counseling as well as growing my own marriage, I have found these secret keys to make a relationship not only thrive, but also come alive!



C ommunication.  Talk about the little things as well as the big things!

H onesty.  The ability to trust your partner enough to be 100% honest

A ttitude of a cup half full.  In other words, a positive reframing attitude.

R espect for each others strengths and weaknesses.  We all have both. 

T rust.  If you take the “t” off you get rust and then you have dust!


Recently a woman married for 10 years with 3 kids told me she was ready to throw in the towel and end her marriage.  To all outward appearances, she has it all with a successful husband, a nice home and luxury of being a stay-at-home mother.  Now I happen to know this successful workaholic husband adores his wife and kids.  So what was missing?  The only element from the CHART was communication.  Hubby was too busy to listen to what was important to his wife and acknowledge her emotional needs.  She needed to be heard.  Communication has two elements to it.  One of these is to be heard and the other is to speak.  Both pieces have to be in place before you have communication and both man and woman have to have their say as well as their hearing. 




Reflection Questions Love Quiz On a scale of 1-10 rate yourself.  5 = average, 10 is top of the scale.

  1. communication – how well do I listen? 
  2. communication –  Do I feel like I am heard by my partner?
  3. honesty – how much can you honestly tell to your honey?
  4. attitude – how frequently do you show that you are contented to be with your main squeeze?  Are you positive or negative?
  5. respect – strengths, gifts and talents – do you support these in your partner?
  6. respect – weaknesses – do you make allowances for these? 
  7. trust – how well can you trust the person you love?  What percentage of the time?

If you scored 5 or less on any one of these areas, you have some major work to do on your relationship.  The higher you score the better quality relationship you have.  A note of caution to all of you is that a relationship has to be constantly watered with CHART elements or it withers and blows away in the dust!  CHART holds true for quality friendships as well.



May the hinges of love never rust

nor the wings of friendship lose a feather

(Jack Frost, 2008)


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5 Keys to Love, Happiness and Relationships

The latest brain research suggests there are  5 main keys to having high quality happiness and loving relationships.We all want love right?  So let’s dig out our love calculator and see how you do on this love quiz!  This works for dating relationships as well as for more the family guy in your permanent relationship.


Love Calculator Quiz:  On a scale of 1 – 10 with one being seldom and ten meaning I do it every day, rate yourself on the following 5 main keys:


  1. fifteen minutes of meditation a day
  2. share something with others every day
  3. I focus on positive emotions every day
  4. I do inner reflection and know I am in control of my attitude.
  5. I experience sex frequently with my partner as an physical expression of our love.


The Law of Attraction says that what you put out to the universe, you attract to yourself.  So how did you do?  If you scored 5 or less in any one area, you have some work to do!  It’s by raising our awareness to the conscious level that we can empower ourselves to change our attitudes and beliefs.  In other words, instead of love being a mystery, stop playing games and do the work to empower yourself!  Attract the love you want and manifest the man you want into your life. 




When I begin and end my day with meditation and positive affirmations, it helps me to fix my top four top life priorities uppermost in my mind.  I then am empowering myself to focus my energy on what truly is important to my soul or life essence.  Love and my relationship is my number one priority that brings me joy and happiness, I’m going to chose to spend energy every day on continuing to make that a sacred pact between my honey and I.  Suck it up princess.  This is something we women do or it simply does not get done.  We are the “social secretaries” of the household.  Therefore we have to plan the emotional agenda if we want to feel contentment in our love relationships.  Similarly, if you desire positives and loving attention from your love heart, then you have to be the role model on how that should happen in your relationship.  He is looking to your for leadership in what you emotionally feel comfortable with. 





Reflection Questions

1.      What 4 things describe what I truly want in my relationship?

2.      List 4 excellent qualities that you have, that your partner has.

3.      List 4 qualities that you really need to work on improving so you can experience more love, joy and happiness in your life.

4.      Do you start and end your day saying something positive to your honey? 

“To get up each morning with the resolve to be happy . . .

is to set our own conditions to the events of each day.

To do this is to condition circumstances

instead of being conditioned by them.”
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)


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Nature’s Love Poems

Love is the most powerful energy force in our universe.  True love is very spiritual, making us feel connected to all things in the universe.  All of nature is a love poem when you are in love or falling out of love.  When you are first in love, the sky is bluer, the grass and trees are greener, the stars are brighter.  When you are going through un-love or leaving your partner, the sky appears cloudy, darker and overcast.  The very world seems dull.  Why is that?


When we are in the first or beginning stages of love, our very heart sings along with the rhythms of the universe.  We have opened our love energy centres.  Our energy or chakras  in our mind, body and spirit are open for the business of receiving all the love the world has for us.  In other words, our sensory systems are pure, clean and fresh to receive this new love interest.  We are living in an unpolluted love world.  We have little knowledge or experience of how this love relationship is going to affect our hearts, our minds or our bodies.  We just know it feels right in every sense of our personal environment or world.  If we have a strong love foundation founded on spiritual love and mutual respect, this will continue. However our love world appears polluted if we continually encounter pain through this relationship.  Our senses are shutting down and shutting out the beauty of the very world we live in.



Driving for several hours yesterday I was reminded that Love is a Nature Cycle process.  Love is like the glorious spring when it first begins.  The very air smells different.  It is fresh and we feel totally alive and refreshed in every nerve of our being.  Colors are brighter.  Birds seem to sing sweet melodies and their loving voices are louder.  The very clouds are puffy and large and full of wonderous shapes.



As our relationship matures, it is like summer.  We are more naked in our relationship as we open ourselves trusting that our partner will be open and honest with us.  When we are confident that this relationship is a lasting one, it is like fall or autumn.  We reap the harvest of the seeds of love sown when we were in the spring of our love.  If we work hard at sustaining a loving relationship, the fall season lasts forever.  Sometimes, however we experience the ending of all growing things.  When our relationship is over it is like winter.  Our hearts freeze and we no longer enjoy the energy of the person we once loved.  Our love energy withers and dies on the vine.  A good gardener prunes that love vine and throws it on the compost heap to feed the soil for a new spring.  Similarly, if you are unhappy in your relationship, perhaps it is time to snip the branches and let it dry on the compost heap.  Otherwise you will not permit yourself to feed your soul and love cleanly and clearly again. 



Reflection Questions

1.      What season is your love relationship in?  spring, summer, fall or winter?

2.      How are you feeding your love relationship energy?

3.      Is it time to prune your love branches?

4.      One a scale of 1-10 how much do I love my partner?  5 = average, 10 is top of the scale.

If you scored 5, then this is only an average relationship, little better than a casual friendship.  Don’t you deserve a 6 or better?


The trees are greener

The sky is bluer

The clouds are whiter

The stars are brighter

The air is purer

when I’m in love. 

(Sherrie Hay, educator)


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Love Quiz on Compatibility

Both women and men want to know if they are compatible or not.  While love may appear to be a mystery, there is one alternative solution that works exceptionally well.  It helps you to determine whether you are compatible with the person of your dreams.


Years ago, I set out to find how I could increase my Love IQ.  I found that when I looked at my partner’s astrology Moon sign, it helped me to understand where my partner was coming from emotionally.  The Moon sign is about affairs of the heart.  The Moon sign is also how we react to our world emotionally.  Relationships have to do with emotions, so for me it was a terrific fit.  By matching up the Moon and Sun energy of two people you are more likely to be compatible my research showed me.  The result?  My hubby and I have our Moon and Sun signs matching in earth and water and it is a fabulous mix.  Air and fire elements also work well together emotionally.  That doesn’t necessarily mean other astrology sign combinations don’t work.  They just seem to have to work harder at making a compatible relationship work well.


Reflection Questions

1.      Where is your Sun Sign?  Your Moon sign?    

2.      What elements of fire, earth, air or water does your Sun and your Moon fall under?

3.      Where is your sweetheart’s Sun Sign?  His Moon sign?

4.      In which elements of fire, earth, air or water does your sweetheart’s Sun and Moon Sign fall under?



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