What Tribe do you Belong to?

 A 30 year old man died last night by his own hand.  It doesn’t matter how he chose to commit suicide.    He lived only for his drugs and partying.  Did he discover that his friends made through drugs and alcohol were shallow friendships?  We will never know.  He had no sense of purpose for the last decade of his life.  He had no true sense of belonging. 


Self actualize!

Self actualize!

A sense of belonging is a human fundamental emotional need.  We all have a need to feel needed by someone else, even if it is one single person.  That person validates us and makes us feel special.  We can then go forward with living a life on purpose. 




I am sad that this young man choose this route.  I have worked extensively with teens who did not complete suicide.  In all cases but one we were able to give them a sense of belonging to the tribe or to greater community.  But you see it ultimately is not up to any one of us to establish that sense of belonging for others.  They have to choose to belong to the tribe themselves.  They have to feel needed.


I am sad for this young man’s family whom I personally know.  They will live the rest of their lives questioning where they went wrong.  They didn’t do anything wrong.  It was his choice.  At any moment he could have chosen a different path, but he never took the multitude of opportunities that came his way. 


Love life!

Love life!

Frankly, I get angry at people who complete suicide.  They truly are the ultimate in being selfish.  They are not up to the challenge of grabbing onto the roller coaster ride of life.  They leave behind a legacy of guilt and tears in the people they supposedly love.  I have heard far too often from friends and family of suiciders.  Years later, the ones left behind feel guilty at not having done something. 




Hear this message loud and clear.  There is nothing you could have done.  It is a personal choice to opt out of life.  They have chosen to be the walking dead to begin with.  They have not truly been alive for some time.  That totally is their choice. Their choice is a permanent fix to a temporary problem.  The person who opts out of life by suicide usually does not want help.  The help is everywhere today.  They are too selfish to get it.  They fear more than they love life or love themselves. 



Reflection Questions! 

  1.  What tribes to do you belong to?
  2. What purpose do you have for living your life?
  3. How do you give to your community?
  4. What are at least four things you want to accomplish yet?


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to be grateful for living a life on purpose.


Love Your Extended Family

My extended family are angels in my life.  Each one is a precious gem whom I have carefully chosen for one reason or another.  I love each one and they have helped grow that love immensely over time.  Some of these angel jewels have been in my life for decades.  Others have come in more recently.  Each one has helped my heart to grow bigger.  Each has helped my heart to vibrate stronger with the golden love they give back to me.   



I was cleaning out the debris and deleting some of the people who are on my friends list who have been inactive for over 90 days.  In other words, they no longer can access me so easily.  I thought, ah, if life were only that easy to delete some of our garbage family members.  You know what?  It is that simple!  Interestingly I heard from three of my extended family members lamenting about their bio-family yesterday.  That’s not surprising given the double water energy of the Pisces Sun and Pisces Moon.  So here’s my response to one of them whom I dearly love. 



Out of sight, out of mind, out of my life! … Delete and hit the delete button in your heart!  You see, people like your sister just are so into themselves that they don’t really give a damn about you and others.  Yet look at all the others that you care about.  Those folks sincerely return your feelings back to you full circle. The ones you choose to have part of your extended family are the ones who truly care about your well being.  They care about what happens in your world.



So not only did I delete people from blog world, but also I went in and deleted people from my “family” email whom I never hear from, either verbally or in person, or through email.  They are unworthy of my love and my attention because they are apathetic about life.  Their energy must be very low vibrationally.  They certainly no longer vibrate in my world. Excuse me, but why flog a dead horse?



I want people who choose to live and who choose to love whole heartedly in my world.  I want people in my world who choose to live their lives on purpose.  They dedicate themselves to growing and evolving. They choose to make the world a better place for all of us to be. I want people in my world who truly do contribute love to the world and who sincerely care.  I choose to surround myself with people who vibrate at a higher energy level of truly loving in their hearts.   Their actions and their deliberate communication efforts show that what I do and what happens to me, matters in their hearts.



Hence my extended family have moved into my inner circle of caring and loving.  They have become my chosen sisters and brothers . in my web of life  They are the ones I will expend my energy on.  They are the ones who bring chats of happiness and joy to my heart.  These are the people to whom I will send my golden trinkets and treasures of my memories of day-to-day life.  These are the people I choose to share the rest of my life with.  These are the people who sincerely do care whether I live, whether I breathe, whether I thrive or not. 



Now I have to tell you I was born into a deeply Christian family.  So now you know the rest of the story as well.  Nope, I have no great love for those who grace the church doors professing to be so pure in their Christian hearts.  Their actions totally belie their churchy words on Sundays.  I suspect the same holds true for every other religion, so religion has little to do with it.  Instead I view these “no-lifers” biological family members as being cancerous energy in my heart and in my soul.  So I just used the available Pluto energy and burned them out of my life and heart forever.  



So my dear extended family member, just hit the delete button in your heart.  Instead of yearning for people from the past who are not worthy of your heart energy, hit delete!  Look to the people who love you NOW and embrace their energy whole heartedly.  Your life, your love, your heart and your soul are worthy of you surrounding yourself totally with love and loving people.  They are the ones you have been looking for approval from all your life.  They are the ones who will move forward into a loving future with you.  Allow yourself to love in the NOW.   Choose those who will love you for all your soul’s being in their future.  I love you and am grateful you are in my life, my angel.


Let’s increase the Love and vibrant energy of the planet!

Hugs and love from the Universe.


Bridge your Pain

Sometimes the journey begins with the first step.  Sometimes it’s just a baby step and that’s okay.  It’s forward movement of energy that counts at the beginning. The emotions run deeply under that long bridge.  Sometimes we keep those emotions tightly wrapped around us. 


My father’s family lives near the longest covered bridge in the world at Hartland, New Brunswick, Canada.  Covered bridges were built during the horse and buggy days.  That bridge reminds me of how people insulate themselves from the outside world.  That beautiful old wooden bridge is covered to protect people and horses during frigid New Brunswick winters my grandfather told me.  They were built so that people could seek shelter from storms.  While the rain, sleet or snow rages outside, the horses, buggies and people were protected.

Bridge your Pain

Bridge your Pain




Life is often like that.  We protect ourselves by wrapping our hearts up securely in a blanket of thick walls.  Those walls keep our pain wrapped tightly up so that only a wee portion gets to leak out from time to time.  Those emotions make us feel vulnerable when we are dealing with the realities of life.  Those emotions create the Longest Covered Bridge in the World right inside ourselves.



There is an opening however.  If you open yourself up to facing the pain and reframing it with love energy.  Here’s how to raise this to your conscious level and empower yourself to grow into the light.  It’s just at the opening of the bridge.  You can do it.  Take the first baby step.  You can release yourself from continuing to have the storm of pain inside yourself!  YES YOU CAN.  It’s totally up to you!



Reframe Reflection Questions

1.  What was the lesson for me to learn in this situation?

2.  How has this lesson helped me to move forward with my life?

3.  Do I need to continue to protect this pain by keeping it deeply buried?

4.  Can I walk forward into the light of love energy by seeing the world as a better place since I learned that lesson?



Affirmation:  I intend to be safe emotionally from feeling the pain.  I pray for the strength to take the baby steps to move forward. This situation has helped me to grow to be the perfect person I am today.  I use this experience as a bridge to a better world for me.



A journey of a thousand miles

Begins with a single step.




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Angels Surround Us

Remember me
Remember me

“No one else remembers.” 



These deep gut wrenching and very painful words force fear to leak out in all of us.  We hear those words from the lips of military people who have been to war.  They have lost treasured friendships. We hear those words from older folks in our lives whose beloved partners have passed on.  We hear those words from mothers whose babies have died at birth.  We hear those words from women who have had miscarriages or who have had abortions.



My last phone call several years ago to my favorite aunt was a memorable one.  I didn’t know then that she would die a short time later.  The Moon was floating through Cancer.  She was born under Cancer Sun.  Like all of you, my intuition, is high during the time when the Moon goes through a water sign.   I asked my Dad’s sister to tell me about her dead baby.  She dissolved into tears.  It appears that for close to 50 years no one wanted to hear about her infant daughter who died shortly after birth.  I asked her to story tell about her pregnancy, about the delivery of that baby.  I asked her to story tell when I found out the child was born with spina bifada at a time in our history when little could be done for such infants.  I asked her to story tell about my family’s reactions to the birth of this baby.  I asked where the baby was buried and did she ever get to visit the grave.  All those questions brought a gush of the tale from her lips.  Finally she could tell her story!

Angel hugs

Angel hugs


Today, I would tell her that her infant became an angel.  Today, I would tell her to listen to the faint angel wings that she would hear.  Today I would tell her to listen to the angel whispers in her heart.  You see, I know that angel baby remained around my aunt as long as she was grieving in her soul.  My aunt would catch momentary glimpses of this baby angel, but in 50 years did not have the courage to share her vision with anyone else.  How sad that she had no one who understood her grief and her dreams of her baby.




Moment of Joy!

Moment of Joy!

When we allow ourselves those active moments of deep grief, we also give ourselves permission to heal ourselves, piece by piece.  By actively doing something about your grief, you are helping to release that little angel to the heavens where she belongs.  One person I know puts a balloon with a message inside to her angel baby each year.  That helps to change the energy around her.  Another friend volunteers at the hospital to do baby hugs for those premature babies who otherwise might not make it.  Act.  Reframe and look for the good that was in this situation.  Learn the lessons and grow from them.  Do something positive. Do anything except to ignore those sorrowful feelings that can bury you. 



Reflection Questions

  1. Who can I safely talk to if I am in emotional pain?
  2. Who accepts me totally for who I am?
  3. Who do I trust to walk by my side in both good times and bad?
  4. What is some action I can do to change the energy of pain to the energy of love and Moments of Joy?

Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to move forward with my life seeking growth.  I reframe any painfully difficult situation by focusing on the Moments of Joy that situation brought me. 



You are surrounded by loving angels!

Listen with your heart and

you will hear their gentle whispers in the wind.

Savannah Marie is one of those sweet little cherubs.



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6 Months to Live – Sacred Faces

Death is such a thief.  It’s a supernova of negative emotions. It brings fear into our immediate consciousness.  Therefore death changes our consciousness with a rude awakening. I do not care whether it is the death of someone you love, or the death of a career.  It could be the death of a dream or the death of a beloved pet.  The question remains, “what are my priorities in the time I have left?”.  Death has a way of changing how we perceive our world.  Frankly, I do believe death is a good thing as it helps us to focus on our life priorities more clearly.



A young father, who is dear to my heart, faces sudden brain surgery in a couple of hours.  He and his wife are faced with what truly is important in their lives.  They are pretty young to be dealing with this. They are both aboriginal professionals who have worked very hard defying the odds to get where they are.  He is one of the role models I hold up to people when they say they can’t change the negative in their lives.  This 30 something year old father ran away from a dysfunctional home at age 15 and joined a gang.  In his early 20’s some significant person influenced him so that he returned to high school, then went to university.  He has devoted his life to working with young people ever since.  He is a testimony to the notion in motion, “I can and I will change my life for the better”.  He had one person who believed in him and he succeeded.



This young couple isn’t focused on their careers at this moment in time.  They aren’t focused on their lovely home, or on the things they have worked hard to own.  No, instead the estrangement with his father has been bridged in the matter of 48 hours.  That was important to him.  They have focused all weekend in getting their people house in order, just in case.  You see when it comes to crunch time, the people who are sacred in our lives, suddenly become the most important priority.  It’s not the material stuff we have acquired. 



The way to cheat the negative energy of death is to breath life into some aspect of our lives.  Indeed you nullify the negative energy by focusing on the positive.  Death and rebirth are universal themes that each person on the planet has to face at some point in her or his journey.  When someone, or something that we treasure is faced with death, our grief and loss issues become front and centre to our lives.  If we reframe, looking for the good in the situation, it can help us to get through the period of grief and loss.  One strategy in narrowing our focus is to establish our priorities in life. 

Reflection Questions on Death & Rebirth

1.  Who are the people in your inner circle who are sacred to you.  Are you spending quality time with them?  Or is your career more important?

2.  What fundamental ideas are sacred to your life?  Are you spending time with those core beliefs?  Why not?

3.  What places do you hold sacred?  Do you spend quality time there?  Why not?

4.  What dreams and passions do you hold sacred?  Are you working towards manifesting those dreams?  Why not?


If you knew you only had 6 months left to live, what would you do differently with your life?  If you only had 1 month to live, would that shift things yet again?  ?  Start doing it today!



I intend to live my life with passion. 

I intend to spend quality time with the people I hold sacred in my heart.

I intend to work towards actively manifesting my dreams.

I intent to stay focused on my core beliefs throughout my day to help me make decisions.



I am not afraid of storms,

for I am learning how to sail my ship.

(Louisa May Alcott)

Please remember my friends in your prayers for this next week.



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Lost Love Relationship Bridge



The loss of anything we hold dear is always an emotionally difficult time in our lives.  Loving your journey through that loss can be a mystery of emotional reactions.  Our sanitized world does not like our grief.  So we learn to internalize it and distance ourselves from the difficult feelings.  We have closed caskets so we don’t have to look upon the face of death.  We have funeral services broadcast over the internet so we don’t have to experience all that emotion.  We can view from a distance, but not get emotionally entangled in the feelings other people distastefully exhibit.  Yet, what we don’t realize is that by burying those emotions, by tunneling underground with those emotions, they will one day surface as bubbles of grief.  Then we are forced to deal with them.  The ghost of grief!   No, it’s better to deal with the loss or the grief-fear face on.



Native Americans, among many cultures, have it right according to grief and loss counseling and theory.  My native friends permit themselves to actively grieve.  In my part of the world, it is not uncommon for the entire community to shut down to honor the time of passing to another world or realm of consciousness. 



I have been grieving now for 4 months in anticipation of having to put my beloved grandmother dog to sleep.  She is not in any pain, but it is difficult for her to move forward, since her hind quarters don’t function well for her anymore.  It is fitting that with the onset of winter, she is choosing this time to depart from this world.  She has been the alpha female of my “wolf tribe” of dogs for several years.  Of all the dogs I have had in my long lifetime, she is the one I love the most. 


So how can I bridge my grief and loss with my love?  I’m a visual learner.  It helps me to see a picture of a bridge and to raise my consciousness as to what is truly happening here.  Spiritbird sent me this picture to help me love my grief journey.


This picture reminds me that the path across that bridge is pretty direct.  There is no getting lost.  The map of her journey is straightforward.  Yes, my world can continue to be colored gray or dismal if that is where I choose to focus my emotional energy.  Our emotions are represented by water in astrology and in dream analysis.  There will be ripples of emotion along the way.  But the emotion can also be soothing and calming to my soul’s journey if that is what I choose to focus on. 


But look more closely at the picture!  While the bridge to death is travelling overhead, underneath is a circle of light.  That light can be the focus of all the good feelings and events about my loss.  I simply have to reframe when I spiral down emotionally.  I can stop my downward spiral of emotions by recalling moments of joy I have experienced with the one I have lost.  Then I can recall the time we shared travelling together as a happy time instead of focusing on my pain, my loneliness and my fears.  Walk the journey of the spiral of your life into the light of consciousness.  You can change your direction of your energy.  You are the mistress of master of your own world!  Empower yourself!




Reflection Questions

1.      Why have you chosen to remain on a downward spiral of grief?

2.      Why do you continue to listen to those forlorn songs that make you sad?

3.      What are 4 positive memories you have about this person or animal?

4.      What is the most memorable story that you have that makes you positively belly laugh?

5.      Who else can you laugh with?  Who do you feel contented with? 

6.      Why have you chosen not to call that person?  Spiral out and enjoy life again!



I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to empower yourself!  If you found this helpful, then visit my website www.moonwomenspirituality.com.  If your want information on how the daily Moon and Sun energy affects you, your love and your relationships, visit www.wisewomaninwoods.blog.ca