Joy is Creating Your Reality

We create our own world and our own reality.  The Law of Energy Attraction, Quantum Physics and current psychological research is all proving that.    If you don’t like your reality, then start the work on changing it!  Empower Yourself!  I write about the timing of events so that you can be more in control of your personal universe.  I truly want to share the gift of changing the consciousness of this planet to being the peaceful Sacred Place I want in my life. 


So therefore, the things you currently live with, you have attracted into your life.  If you are full of fear, then the very things you fear come into your life, giving you the opportunity to address your fears.  Once you face them, you no longer have to worry about that fear any more.  Otherwise the thing you fear the most will keep on coming back until you address it.  Pluto shift.  Deal with your fear and transform yourself!


I’ve been working on creating my own Heaven on Earth for some time now.  I still have a way to go to paint the picture of what it is that truly makes me happy.  What brings me joy?  What do I want out of life?  It is only then that I can create my own unique Sacred Safe Place.  Be an angel to yourself and start creating your Heaven on Earth Today!


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to be full of joyful energy today.  I intend to consciously create Moments of Joy in my life today.    


Turn your face to the sun,

and the shadows fall behind you.

Maori proverb


“Each man is the architect of his own fate”

~ Appius Claudius Caecus


Dance with the wee folk in the Moonlight!

Wee!  Slide down a rainbow on your magic carpet!