Color Your World!

Your Universe is all about energy. When you are synchronized with the energy around you, you truly FEEL better.  That’s why understanding the Moon transits are so important as they color our world with a different energy as Moon dances through her monthly cycle.

I’ll be packing this morning getting ready for a three day run to the city and leave shortly after writing this blog.  When I understand Moon energy while I’m away, it is easy to decide on what clothes to take.  I learned a long time ago that if I would wear the colors of the Moon sign shifting through the heavens, I simply feel a whole lot better.  That’s the mind-body-spirit-emotion connection.  For example today, the Moon is in Leo so if I wear red, then I will be synchronized with that Leo fire energy.  However, tomorrow the Moon shifts to Virgo, so some shade of green is more appropriate.  Simple.  I pack two colors then.

Last year I tried to be efficient with packing for the 2 weeks we were away on holidays.  I took only my two favorite colors of pink and blue.  It was a disastrous experiment that I will never repeat.  I felt uneasy many days, for no good reason other than the colors, I was wearing were not in synchronization with the Moon’s glow.  This year, I know at the very least, I have to have colors that go with fire, earth, air and water.

I’m hearing some of you nay sayers, telling me I’ve totally lost my mind marbles.  Most of you are men.  So you especially need to listen up and learn.  People are ultra sensitive to color when they don’t even know it.  Psychologists have known this for years.  Whole businesses have developed around the color industry as a result.  Here’s what we know to be true. 

Just wearing a color next to the skin changes a person’s demeanor.  Having someone sit on a specific color, changes their behavior.  For example, most fast food restaurants have brightly painted reds and oranges on the walls and on their seats.  Why?  Well people get antsy with red and orange so they won’t stay in the restaurant very long.  That helps turn over customers more quickly.   Most modern day prisons have learned to use pink walls where the prisoners are likely to congregate the most.  Why? Because pink literally softens people and calms them down. They become less aggressive.  So real men can wear pink!

My hubby and I are high energy people shimmering with red fiery energy.  I have colored our entire house to be in different shades of blues, greens and purples.  Why?  So that when we are home we are totally in calm, relaxation mode.  Reds, oranges and yellows just turn us on and spins us around so that we are zooming with our thoughts and with our actions.  I won’t even allow red orange or yellow flowers in the house!  If I have to be extra assertive, I wear red.  Watch out for those Red Hat Society ladies!

Now you ask me and I tell you it has to do with energy.  Each color vibrates with a different frequency.  Each color is attached to your chi energy or your chakra energy.  Even by carrying crystals in your pocket with the color of the day will help you be on your way to being in synchronization with the Moon energy.  Men, your shirts and ties will do it for you!  For heaven’s sake watch out for the color of your underwear!

Now that you understand people’s psychological underpinnings, Color your world with the Moon’s flow.  You’ll be happier when you do!  Oh yah … Moments of Color Joy!

Reflection Questions! 

  1.  Do a one month Lunar Cycle test and see how the Moon shift in color affects your behavior and feelings.


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to wear colors in synchronization with the energy flow of today. 

When you’re ‘happy for no reason,’

you bring happiness to your everyday experiences

rather than try to extract happiness from them.

It’s not that your life always looks perfect –

it’s that however it looks, you’ll still be happy!”

(Marci Shimoff)

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