Pluto Shift and Crystal Healing Hearts

There is a shift in universal energy that all people are feeling.  Many are struggling with this shift in energy as their personal worlds and professional worlds are torn apart.  Astrologers will tell you it is primarily caused by Pluto entering Capricorn.  A new world is being born.  Pluto, god of the underworld is forcing all of us to face some of our deep rooted fears.  With some people the roof of the volcano is blowing off overnight.  In some cases they are losing secure jobs, homes, and their families seemingly in the blink of an eye.  In other cases the lava flow seeps slowly down through the things they value in their lives.  However when they look back over the past few months, the inevitable question is “what on earth happened to me?”   


There is a “secret” way to deal with this wisely and effectively.  Face your fear and flow with the energy.  Choose to do the inner transforming work on yourself.  The Pluto shift is demanding that you change things in your life that no longer hold true for you.  When you focus on fear energy or the things you worry about the most, then those situations will be brought into your life to give you the opportunity to grow.  Like a phoenix, you too will rise up from the ashes of your life a “richer”, and happier person. 


This can happen only if you allow yourself to let go of the things that no longer resonate in your own personal energy field.  In other words, get rid of your garbage collecting attitude.  Get rid of the garbage people who drag you down.  Time to take out the trash!  Once you clear your emotional house of the garbage, you can be changed.  Perhaps this is your opportunity to allow yourself to say “no” to certain things you have never liked, but were too afraid to address.  Perhaps this is your opportunity to  let negative people slip out of your life.  It is when you create space in your personal life by getting rid of the negative that you allow the positive to enter.  It’s in your power.  It’s in your control.  It totally is up to you.  What do you choose for your life?  Shift willingly and begin to grow towards the light energy!


Many people I deal with in spiritual counseling have asked for growth strategies to help them flow and move beyond their fears. One of the best and simplest I know of is changing the energy around you by carrying a Gratitude Rock.   I carry crystal rocks in the shape of a heart as my “gratitude rock” in my pocket all the time.  Usually these are amethyst or quart since that is what resonates with me.  Find what resonates with you.  It doesn’t have to be crystal.  Instead it can be a pebble that “speaks” to you when you are walking on one of your favorite paths through your Life’s Journey.


By carrying the Gratitude Rock with you, every time you touch it, stop for a brief moment and give thanks for the people and things you are grateful for in your life.  It is by focusing on the good things in our lives that we change the energy around ourselves.  It is by bringing to the conscious level that we are grateful that we attract more of those good things into our lives.  No it is not magic, it’s simply changing the energy around you from negative to positive.  When you touch the rock, use it as a visual reminder to choose the high road.  Use it as a reminder to get your ego out of the way and go with the flow.  Use it as a reminder to choose what is right for your soul.  Use it as a reminder that you are blessed with many wonderful things happening in your life.  By focusing on being grateful, the Universe brings you more things to be grateful for. 


My crystal rocks have all been cleansed and are surrounded with healing prayers of several healers.  Many people are brought to me who need emotional healing.  I generally give them one of these heart shaped crystals to carry with them the help remind them to shift their feelings and emotions.  Conscious shift has to happen before it can become a habit.  It takes 40 days to clear away old habitual thinking.  It takes another 40 days to create a new habitual way of thinking.  You truly will shift more quickly if you do this every day.  You also will shift more quickly if you begin this during the two weeks of the New Moon phase since that is the time of new growth.  The Full Moon phase is prime time for eradicating the garbage.  Full Moon is the ending of things. 


The Pluto shift is all about shifting our consciousness so that you can be the best person you came to this earth to be.  A revolution is happening.  Transformation and change is all around us.  Can you change?  Yes you can!  Be grateful.  Say a prayer of thanks. Let the Gratitude Rock help this to become part of your moment by moment life experience.  Believe in the magical energy of your world.  Many blessings!



Dance with the wee folk in the Moonlight!

Wee!  Slide down a rainbow on your magic carpet!


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