Happy Birthday Canada

Today is Canada’s 142nd birthday.  I believe around the globe you will celebrate with best wishes and good intentions for our beautiful country. Say a little prayer for all Canadians.  Raise your global consciousness for peace on this beautiful Earth!  Canadians are ambassadors for world peace and friendship around the globe.  It’s no wonder when you see the birth chart of our country!


Happy Birthday Canadians

Happy Birthday Canadians

 Wisdom from my friend Smiles for a double water sign day, tears are a salty spirit wash!  So let the tears flow to help you to heal yourself.  That’s why the health of our oceans is so important to the health of this planet.  Warm hugs and many blessings!


Angels Surround Us

Remember me
Remember me

“No one else remembers.” 



These deep gut wrenching and very painful words force fear to leak out in all of us.  We hear those words from the lips of military people who have been to war.  They have lost treasured friendships. We hear those words from older folks in our lives whose beloved partners have passed on.  We hear those words from mothers whose babies have died at birth.  We hear those words from women who have had miscarriages or who have had abortions.



My last phone call several years ago to my favorite aunt was a memorable one.  I didn’t know then that she would die a short time later.  The Moon was floating through Cancer.  She was born under Cancer Sun.  Like all of you, my intuition, is high during the time when the Moon goes through a water sign.   I asked my Dad’s sister to tell me about her dead baby.  She dissolved into tears.  It appears that for close to 50 years no one wanted to hear about her infant daughter who died shortly after birth.  I asked her to story tell about her pregnancy, about the delivery of that baby.  I asked her to story tell when I found out the child was born with spina bifada at a time in our history when little could be done for such infants.  I asked her to story tell about my family’s reactions to the birth of this baby.  I asked where the baby was buried and did she ever get to visit the grave.  All those questions brought a gush of the tale from her lips.  Finally she could tell her story!

Angel hugs

Angel hugs


Today, I would tell her that her infant became an angel.  Today, I would tell her to listen to the faint angel wings that she would hear.  Today I would tell her to listen to the angel whispers in her heart.  You see, I know that angel baby remained around my aunt as long as she was grieving in her soul.  My aunt would catch momentary glimpses of this baby angel, but in 50 years did not have the courage to share her vision with anyone else.  How sad that she had no one who understood her grief and her dreams of her baby.




Moment of Joy!

Moment of Joy!

When we allow ourselves those active moments of deep grief, we also give ourselves permission to heal ourselves, piece by piece.  By actively doing something about your grief, you are helping to release that little angel to the heavens where she belongs.  One person I know puts a balloon with a message inside to her angel baby each year.  That helps to change the energy around her.  Another friend volunteers at the hospital to do baby hugs for those premature babies who otherwise might not make it.  Act.  Reframe and look for the good that was in this situation.  Learn the lessons and grow from them.  Do something positive. Do anything except to ignore those sorrowful feelings that can bury you. 



Reflection Questions

  1. Who can I safely talk to if I am in emotional pain?
  2. Who accepts me totally for who I am?
  3. Who do I trust to walk by my side in both good times and bad?
  4. What is some action I can do to change the energy of pain to the energy of love and Moments of Joy?

Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to move forward with my life seeking growth.  I reframe any painfully difficult situation by focusing on the Moments of Joy that situation brought me. 



You are surrounded by loving angels!

Listen with your heart and

you will hear their gentle whispers in the wind.

Savannah Marie is one of those sweet little cherubs.



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