Bullies are Sociopaths & Psychopaths

Bullies in the Hood?  Bullies in your office?  Bullies in your family? Take back your Sacred Space.  Take back your Neighborhood! Use your mind-body-spirit connection to rid your world of these toxic bugs.  They are like pesky mosquitoes everywhere.  Visualize them as being a pesky mosquito and “slap” them mentally, emotionally and spiritually.    



I have worked with some pretty mean bullies in my lifetime.  The psychological literature shows that bullies are frequently our bosses.  They are found in every family.  They are found in every political party.  They are found in every neighborhood.  They are found in every club and organization.



Let me explain what their behavior means in psychological terms.  According to the DSMIV, they are officially one of two names either sociopaths or psychopaths.  They exhibit psychopathological behavior.  Yes, I know, you thought those were the people in jail who committed some unspeakable crime.  They too are sociopaths who have committed a crime they got caught for.  There are also sociopaths who frequently are white color workers or like I said, they live and breathe everywhere.  They clearly exhibit the same types of emotional and behavioral patterns that have put the others behind bars.  Like prisoners, they are prisoners within their own skin because of their choices. Some we call psychic vampires or soul vampires.  We totally feel drained when we are in their presence.  I have written about that earlier in this blog.




Nobody has every liked them since they were kids.  They are totally insecure.  Let me explain.  All of us want attention when we are children.  If we can’t get it in a positive way, then we become poorly behaved and get that attention in a negative way.  Take a look at any adorable 2 year old.  If they don’t get loving attention, they start screaming just so that someone will pay attention to them and their emotions.  So a bully is self-created by their own choice of how to act!



When it goes on for a long time, they learn the only way they can get attention from their peers is through bullying and intimidation.  They use manipulation to get others to bend to their will.  They use this energy of fear tactics because it is the only way they have any personal power.  The other way they get power is to get into a position of authority.  Then what absolute horrors they bring to all our lives. 



So what can we do about it?  One strategy I have already told you about.  Visualize and don’t run away.  Face them head on.  You see bullies do not like to be confronted.  They don’t know what to do if someone isn’t screaming or shouting back.  If you remain calm, cool and collected, they are totally unsure of themselves.  They feed off fear energy. 



Conversely, another more powerful strategy  is you can be an angel, but a firm angel.  First do the visualization so that you are changing the energy around you.  You’ll be giggling inside at least.  Then surround yourself with a golden colored cocoon so their negative energy won’t hurt you.  Next send them loving energy.  Wrap them tightly in warm soothing hugs and send them love energy.  That’s truly what they crave.  But you see, they do not love themselves.  If a person does not love themselves, they are incapable of ever loving anyone else.  We have to surround them in a multisensory way with love energy.  If you are an angel of light, you will do what you can to help this impoverished soul.  They are in such emotional pain. 



Personally, I feel sorry for the choices they have made for themselves during their life’s journey.  At any moment in time, these bullies can choose to change their own energy.  They too can choose to begin loving themselves.  This in turn will help them to loving others in a healthy way.  Be an angel.  Help them to change their energy if you are a healer and they want to change their energy.  These bullies are truly in their own personal self-created hell. 


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to teach others to change their attitudes when they are ready to love themselves.



Let’s increase the Love and vibrant energy of the planet!

Hugs and love from the Universe.



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 [M. Scott Peck, psychiatrist wrote his book, People of the Lie, explaining this in more depth.]


Love Relationship Suitcase

What are you packing in your life suitcase?  Who are you choosing to pack around with you?  Empower yourself!  You get to choose what those suitcases contain.  What colors of clothes do you want?  What size do you want? Have you recently changed your preferred colors or sizes?  Do you want to change the shoes you are taking?



Similarly, the people we have in our inner circle are those we pack with us in life.  Periodically we should check to see who we are packing in our suitcases of Life.  If your energy size has changed, then perhaps you can choose to only take along people who are more positive.  Perhaps you can choose to take along people who help you on the Life Path you are on right now.  Take a look at your past.  Are you still packing people from your past?  Perhaps it’s time to get a smaller suitcase and not pack them around anymore!



You see we are getting ready for a much needed vacation.  Last night a friend called and demanded to know why I have not called her recently in her hour of needing to hear about her latest lament.  Frankly, she has all the skills to deal with her issues.  Rather than use the skills and do the work for herself, she wants someone else to carry her and do her work for her.  Like many people who seem to prefer to live from negative crisis to crisis, she tries to be very demanding of my time.  So I decided not to pack her in my suitcase anymore.  I turned her problems back over to her to solve a couple of years ago.  It’s time for her to carry her own stuff. So now I call once a month to check in, instead of several times a week.



Is it easy to change the energy when we love different people in our lives?  NO!  It’s something I certainly struggle with.  Tough Love is never fun.  I need to be needed. But in this particular case, I love her enough to want her to empower herself and trust in her own decision making.  I love her enough to want her to pay attention to her own intuition and interpret her own dreams.  She needs to pay attention to her own coincidences, patterns and cycles of life.  All those signposts help to empower her in the direction on her Map of Life.  It’s time for her to be the lovely soul she came to this earth to be.  She needs to choose to live her life on her purpose and her intentions.  I love her enough to have her do the work on herself and to carry her own Life’s suitcase.  I love her enough for her to begin reading her own Map.



When your own energy has changed and you are choosing a more positive growth path for yourself, often you will find the old luggage still wants to hang around.  However, they no longer fit in your suitcase.  You’ve changed your colors into vibrant growth colors.  You are a different more pleasing energy size.  Very gently remove the old clothing from your luggage and give them to God and the universe to take care of.  If you are on a significant growth path, they will only weight you down.  Honey, even your Sherpa guide couldn’t possibly carry them all. 

Reflection Questions

1.  Where are you choosing to focus your passion and energy? 

2.  What is in your baggage or luggage?  Can you downsize?

3. Are you packing others, or packing yourself and your soul’s growth?

4.  Which 4 people are you going to put in your suitcase to accompany you on your Journey?



Affirmation:  I intend to pack my suitcase with people who are growth oriented.  I choose to spend my time on positive people who are actively moving forward.

Empower yourself!

Use the Law of Attraction, your vision board and

attract positive people into your life.

Now isn’t that a wonderful notion in motion

for your Life Map and Your Life suitcase?


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4 Seasons of Love

There are 4 seasons to our Love and relationships.  I’m referring to loving yourself, loving your family, loving your friends and loving your partner.  I’m convinced that 4 seasons cycle holds true in many different areas of our lives.  I believe we were giving the 4 seasons as a blueprint for those cycles that we can detect in our lives.  Think about this and apply it to yourself!  This can assist in your cycle of transformation and change which those who seek continual growth go through.


So if I’m truly engaged and active and upbeat, there will be a time in my life when my rhythm has to be the valley where I go deep inside and am quiet.  That gives me the balance. That does not mean I have lost the thing I am passionate about.  It means I have to experience the quietness of that passion to take it to a new level. 



In the spring of the year, all seeds are bursting forth with newness and growth and vivid color.  The smell is different.  The colors are different.  All the senses are alert and alive.  Similarly, our passion for someone or something we love has to have seeds that burst forth.  During the newness or the beginnings of that love, our senses are like those of the springtime.


In the summer, the colors change.  They grow deeper as the flowers mature.  Much of the plants energy goes into creating these flowers and this beauty to attract the birds and the bees which help pollinate the plant.  Similarly in our relationships, we put a lot of energy into the love we have for another during the summer of that relationship.  We explore ideas together, we do things together, we spend a lot of time watering and feeding one another’s soul. 


In the fall the rhythm of life changes.  We no longer need the bright colors to attract birds and bees.  The fruit is developing nicely.  This is similar to love energy.  It has been pollinated and is maturing.  It will be sustained if we have nurtured it, weeded out the stuff that doesn’t work for us both and fed the relationship with good topsoil of conversations and experiences. Our relationship has ripened and matured by a level of truth, honesty, trust and understanding.


In the winter, we tend to be quieter in our relationship.  It’s not hibernating, but is sustained under that lovely snowy blanket of white that holds everything we hold dear together.  That snowy blanket is woven through the love fabric of emotions that continue to water our love through both good times and others.  So sometimes we get a total new dusting of snow and at other times we get slush.  So what, our blanket of love is woven tightly enough to endure.  If we are very wise, we are planning together for the next phase or cycle of our lives.  We are deepening our relationship.  While this appears to be a quiet time, in fact life is teeming underneath the white mask we present to the outer world.  This is a time of introspection and quiet rhythms of day to day normal life with our partner or with our friends.  They accept us as we are.


We need the quietness of winter where everything is sleeping before we can burst forth with a new spring growth!  It comes full circle once again.  Wise ones will tell you that you need to continually work at your relationship to sustain it, to make it a perennial plant.  I want to suggest you look at having 4 seasons in your love relationship!


Reflection Questions Love Quiz:  Examine your relationships and friendships pattern. 

  1. What do you typically do in the spring of any relationship?
  2. List 4 words to describe your actions in the summer phase of relationships.
  3. List 4 words to describe your behavior in the fall or autumn of relationships.
  4. In what season is your relationship with yourself, with your friends, with your honey?

Affirmation:  I intend to allow myself my natural cycle of relationships!

Instead of looking for love, give it;

constantly renew it in yourself and

you will always feel its presence within you.

It will always be there smiling at you,

gazing on you kindly.

(Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov)


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Sherpas & Magic Carpets!

Sherpas are these amazingly rare people of Nepal, Mount Everest fame.  My soul mate husband has decided to call himself my Sherpa.  What he doesn’t know is that Pluto has shifted into Capricorn which is the mountain climber energy.  Yet my hubby as a Scorpio is ruled by Pluto.  So he who knows little about astrology, was using astrological images yesterday! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherpa

Due to the nature of our businesses we constantly are loading and unloading one of our vehicles.    Yesterday it was to haul the old tower from Zeus 4, my workhorse computer, to the techie to transfer information to Zeus 5 who is waiting to be unpacked and set up later today. Tom is definitely my top Sherpa guide!  Not only that but he uses a
magic carpet to transport us.

You see to get a new computer we have to drive 2 1/2 – 3 hours one way, depending on road conditions. Yesterday that was snow and slush.  Typically we leave at 7 a.m. when we have to do any business in that city.  What is also typical is that by the time we leave I have put in several hours of work/play.  So I climb into the back sleep, settling into my nest, and snooze while the magic carpet van with its sexy Scorpio Sherpa guide makes our way to that city.  When I wake up we magically are  there.

Everyone deserves a fantastic Sherpa guide who steers a magic carpet up a mountain top.  He clears all kinds of debris out of my way in life.  Tom steers me through all kinds of mountain passes and crevasses so that I can focus on the work I came to do on this planet at this moment in time.  I’m so grateful to call my Sherpa guide hubby!  Here, I just thought he is an angel watching out for my well being.  He’s much more than that!  Imagine … a Sherpa guide with a magic carpet.  How awesome is that?  I love being spoiled!  But then, I used the Law of Attraction years ago to have just the right partner for my soul’s journey. Soul mates.  They are just so valuable! I treasure mine!


Angels Surround Us. 

We call them fantastic friends!

“I am only one,
But still I am one.
I cannot do everything,
But still I can do something;
And because I cannot do everything
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”

(Edward Everett Hale)


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10 Keys to Paddling Forward in Life

Relationship problems?  Dating problems?  Family Problems?  Friendship problems? Communication problems?  Career problems?  I’ll bet you are NOT paddling your canoe in the same direction.  Anyone who has tried to paddle a canoe with a partner, knows it is not easy.  You can go round and round in circles unless you get the paddling stroke just right.  Secondly you have to be synchronized with your friend.  You have to be focused on moving forward in the same direction.


Focus on Family Goal

Focus on Family Goal


Life is like that.  We might be as different as a moose and beaver in our relationship.  One of those animals lives on land and is huge.  The other prefers water and is small.  They eat different things.  They like different lifestyles.  They have different friends.  They have different habits. That’s okay.  Their relationship can more than survive.  It can thrive! 





Here are the  10 Keys to Paddling in the same direction.

  1. Mutually agree to focus on your 4 most important goals you have in common.
  2. Communicate honestly about how you feel about those 4 goals.
  3. If you feel the least bit sticky, or cold about any of those goals, don’t agree to doing it. 
  4. If you feel uncomfortable with any part of it, don’t paddle in that direction.
  5. Go with your feeling flow and you will glow in your goal focus. 
  6. Communicate, communicate.  Are those 4 goals important still?
  7. Revisit those goals every New Moon or at least once a month.
  8. Revise the goals that no longer work for both of you.
  9. If you have achieved some of the goals, replace them with new ones.
  10. If one of you is shifting direction, communicate so your partner understands.


Honesty, communication and being focused on what is important to the two of you adults in a relationship are the keys to keep you paddling in the same direction!  Only when the adults have figured out their canoeing focus should they bring it to the children for discussion.  Kids should NOT be deciding what direction the family is going in.  They do not have historical perspective.  Children do not have awareness of all the dynamics and the impact.  Children do not understand all the economic variables.  The family focus is a responsibility of the parents. 


Reflection Questions & Quiz On a scale of 1-10; 5 = average, 10 = perfect

  1. How well do I communicating my feelings with myself? 
  2. How well am I communicating my feelings with my partner?
  3. Am I being honest with myself?
  4. Am I being honest with my partner?

Affirmation:  I intend to communicate honestly and openly with my partner for the greater good of our family.  I intend to be honest to my feelings.  I intend to be honest with myself.  I intend to be the essence of me!


“You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die.

Or when.

You can only decide how you’re going to live – now.”

(Joan Baez)

Angels Surround Us.  We call them fantastic friends!


I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to empower yourself!  If you found this helpful, then visit my website www.moonwomenspirituality.com.  If your want information on using energy to improve your life, your love, and your relationships, visit www.astromoon.wordpress.com

Your Soul Mate Vision Board

Journey alone

Journey alone

Alone?  Feeling lonely?  Many people feel crushed by love.  They have bleeding hearts and wonder how they can possibly move forward with their lives.  They rush from relationship to relationship because they are lonely.  While many will question whether they can repair their old relationship, others accept the relationship is over and that it is time to move on the next step in their journey.  Honey, accept the fact that he or she is just not that into you and start to live life again!  You owe it to your own Love IQ!




A friend of mine is in her mid 30’s.  She truly wishes to manifest a soul mate.  Her biological clock is ticking and her body is giving her a sense of urgency. I ache for her as she has tried all kinds of things from on-line dating to those 5 minute meeting mates exchanges.  However, she has not done the work on herself.   She does not love herself enough to increase her Emotional IQ.  Consequently she will continue finding men who do not match her criteria until she herself has done the healing work on herself.  In other words, you get what you currently are because that is your energy or vibration rate.  Like attracts like in the body energy world.  So if you wish to attract someone who is gentle, then you have to be gentle.  If you wish to attract someone who is honest, then you have to walk your talk and be honest yourself.  If you want to attract someone who is respectful towards you, then you have to respect yourself and others.  That’s the Law of Attraction. 



Journey with Friend

Journey with Friend

Yah but how do you do that?  Perhaps you have to walk your Love Journey alone for awhile.  Give yourself some time and space to actively work on developing your own self esteem.  The first step is work on yourself alone or with friends who are supportive.  Ditch the friends who are negative and surround yourself with those who truly want only good things for you.  The second step is be clear on what qualities you want in a soul mate.  I have done several postings on core beliefs.  The third step is get in touch with your feelings.  How would you feel if you had the ideal mate?  I don’t care if you are a man.  You need to understand how you would feel having just the ideal soul mate for you. The fourth step is to create your manifesting or vision board during the 2 weeks of the New Moon Cycle.  See www.astromoon.wordpress.com for when those times are.  Read your Vision Board every day first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  Read it with intense feeling.  You will increase your own vibration rate by remaining positive.  So make sure you have positive affirmations on your manifesting board.  Say it, Believe it is true, then Act as if it is already in your life!  Connect the dots.  If you don’t follow what you think you want, with emotions and then action, it will never manifest in your life.  You owe it to yourself.  Change is in the air.  Just act on it!


Reflection Questions on Love IQ

1.       How well on a scale of 1-10 do I love myself?  How high is my own self esteem?

2.     What core beliefs or qualities do I show to others?

3.     Do I feel comfortable being alone with just my thoughts and feelings, or do I have to drown everything out with noise?

4.     What 4 strong feelings would I have if I had my ideal soul mate?



Affirmation and Intentions: 

I intend to love myself enough that my little voice in my head says positive things about me.

I intend to feel comfortable in my own skin, so that I can be alone with my thoughts and feelings.

I am honest, trustworthy and respectful to myself.

I work on my self esteem every day.  I pamper me!


Each man lives love in his limited fashion and

Does not seem to relate the resultant confusion and loneliness

To his lack of knowledge about love.

(Leo Buscaglia; Love)



I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to empower yourself!  If you found this helpful, then visit my website www.moonwomenspirituality.com.  If your want information on how the daily Moon and Sun energy affects you, your love and your relationships, visit www.astromoon.wordpress.com

4 Keys to Loving Relationships

5 Aces of Hearts

5 Aces of Hearts

People amaze me.  Many women and men truly think that luck is what brings about a healthy and vibrant relationship.  Strong relationships grow and develop over time.  Now I don’t care whether you want that to be a friendship, a business partnership or a love relationship. 






Here are the 4 Key ingredients for a strong relationship cake:

ü     1.     great two-way communication    

     2.  honesty       

                3.  respect 


If any one of those is missing, you can shut the door on the relationship.  It will never be healthy and it will never grow. 


One person in my world keeps returning to an abusive relationship because she says she gets lonely.  Hello, lonely for abuse?  I don’t think so!  Now this is a very attractive single gal in her mid 30’s.  She is a professional and a bright lady.  She has the potential of being a leader in her field.  Instead she stalls out emotionally because she is involved with a druggy, drinking boyfriend.  She still has not connected the dots that he is just not into her like he is his addictions to drugs and booze.  As long as she chooses him for her inner circle of friends, then that is what she gets out of life.  She only has herself to blame when she is not willing to do the work on herself.



What this tells me is that her Emotional IQ is very low.  However, she will never increase that Emotional IQ unless she is willing to do the work on her own self esteem first.  She has to FEEL she is worthy of having a loving partner who is her equal intellectually and professionally.  She has to choose a different life path for herself if she wants to get away from abusive relationships.  How does one raise self esteem?

1.      Look in the mirror and do an honest assessment of yourself.

2.      Surround yourself with an inner circle of friends who are honestly caring and supportive.

3.      Listen to your body.  Do self muscle testing to determine whether a person is good for you.  Here’s the link:  http://www.geocities.com/sunmoonessences/muscle.html

4.      Surround yourself with positive people who are into growing and evolving.

5.      Understand how you’re the Moon Cycle influences you emotionally.  That’s your 5th heart ace!  Understand your own Moon in your birth chart so you understand what emotions motivate you to grow and change. 


Reflection Questions  On a scale of 1-10 rate yourself!  5 = average, 10 = at the top!

  1. Do I surround myself with happy friends?  If not change friends!
  2. Do I understand body energy and muscle testing?
  3. Do I truly want to have a happy life?
  4. Do I feel I deserve a life full of joy?  A life full of achievement?
  5. What am I afraid of? 
  6. What one single step that is achievable and within my control, can I do to move forward and grow towards the happiness I deserve?
  7. What is my timeline to accomplish this? 


Affirmation:  I intend to live a happy life.  I intend to create my ideal life.  I intend to have an emotionally fulfilling love affair with myself!


“Could we change our attitude, we should not only see life differently,

but life itself would come to be different.

Life would undergo a change of appearance

because we ourselves had undergone a change of attitude.”

(Katherine Mansfield)


I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to empower yourself!  If you found this helpful, then visit my website www.moonwomenspirituality.com.  If your want information on how the daily Moon and Sun energy emotionally affects you, your love and your relationships, visit my astrology blog at www.astromoon.wordpress.com




on Love My Journey at http://www.sherrieh.wordpress.com.  You might want to also check out how to work with the emotional energy of the Moon at http://www.astromoon.wordpress.com.  Blessings to you!