Angels are all around us.  We only have to open our eyes, open our hearts, and open our minds to see the angels the Universe sends to us.  Empower Yourself and see the positive energy that is surrounding you!  You get to choose what you want to have happen in your life.

Some of those angels are really teachers coming to bring us a lesson so we can move forward.  Embrace the lessons!  When you learn them you are moving closer to becoming an authentic person and achieving your personal best.

Grow into the light of love from your higher power.  Many call their higher power God.  However s/he is known by many different names around the globe.  Many blessings and angel hugs to you!


Dive deeply into the miracle of life and

let the tips of your wings be burnt by the flame,

let your feet be lacerated by the thorns,

let your heart be stirred by human emotion, and

let your soul be lifted beyond the earth.

(Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan; Call of the Dervish)


10 Responses to “Angels”

  1. mara Says:

    That’s a beautiful quote , thank you !

    I love my Angels – My Angel Agency. They are always there in the background. I sometimes forget to call upon them. Thank you for the reminder.

    Love and Light


  2. sherrieh Says:

    I think if we believe we are always surrounded by angels, then we begin to look at people differently. They do come to bring us words we need to hear, even though we may not like those words. Angel blessings to you!

  3. sacredsoulreiki Says:

    Beautiful and so true!!! I love your page!!!!

  4. sherrieh Says:

    Sacredsoulreiki, we are working with the same energy! Many angel blessings to you in the work you do!

  5. dejavouz Says:

    Some are workers and some are guardian… 🙂

  6. sherrieh Says:

    Dejavoux, you are totally correct. Sometimes the angels might even come in the form of animals and birds which have messages for us. Regardless of how we receive them, all the angels are bringing us messages to help each of us on our journey. You have more than one guardian angel whispering in your ear!

    Many blessings my friend!

  7. Melonie Rose Says:

    Thank you for sharing your site. I had never heard of Angel Dimes before. My mother passed away last year and just after that, I would find dimes in the most unusual time and places, feathers, and when I would be thinking of her, I would ALWAYS see a Robin, which she knew was special to me as I was young and throughout my adulthood. I used to think I was finding the dimes coincidently, but after awhile I knew, it was my mom’s way of connecting with me. I was so very grateful for this. She used to tell me there was ‘something’ unique about me and that she thought I was an angel on earth. She was a very strong willed woman and I knew, if anyone could show us they were still with us spiritually, she could. I thank God for also, giving me the blessing to be able to feel my mom’s energy and I know she is with me.

  8. Tewonia Says:

    I lost my 26 year old daughter in March of 2011. I have been grieving over her so bad that I wasn’t thinking anything of the dimes I kept finding laying around. They would show up in all kinds of places. Here it is, Christmas Eve Night 2011, and I went to visit my two nieces. I told them about the dimes and as I was leaving to come home, I reached into my pocket to get my keys and pulled out a dime. I had no money in my pocket an hour earlier when I put my keys in my pocket and I knew in my heart that it was her all the time and your site just confirmed it for me. Thank you for letting me find some peace !

    • sherrieh Says:

      I’m grateful that you found this story helpful on your healing journey. I suggest you get one of Sylvia Brown’s books to understand your daughter’s spirit has moved on to the next plane. She is like your guardian angel now, reaching out to you. I’m so glad you found some peace. Your note brought tears to my eyes. Many blessings.

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