God Don’t Make Junk

I’m sorry that I don’t have the first verse to this poem.  I use this particularly with Special Needs kids over the years.  I thought this might be of value to some of you.

God don't  make junk



4 Ways to Tell New NOW Stories

Is there a secret to moving your life forward in a more positive direction?  Do you choose to tell New Now life stories?  Are you still telling old stories? People who stay mired in the past tell old stories, five year old stories, ten year old stories, twenty year old stories.  Nonetheless, they are mired in the past.  They do not realize they are new people every day.  There is new energy around them literally every day.   Our bodies totally regenerate every 7 years.  However the Moon shifts every two days bringing us new emotional energy every two days.   Please confine yourself to telling two day old stories!  Then at least you are synchronized with your own personal emotional shifts


It boggles my mind to find that so many people live in the achievements of their past.  That tells me they do not feel successful in moving forward with today. Instead they remained bogged down or mired in the muck of yesterday’s story.  Hello … that’s old news for your life.   How about the glorious achievements of today?  Every day your life should be filled with New NOW stories that you can share with others.  The Law of Energy Attraction and quantum physics tells us that what we focus on is what we manifest for our lives.  If you are focused on yesterday’s story, you will never move forward with today’s story or your life story for tomorrow. 


Yah but how do you change yourself to do this?  Here are 4 strategies to begin telling your today’s stories. 


  1. Examine your day and find a humorous story about your actions.
  2. Find something that touched you emotionally today.
  3. Reframe your day looking for something positive that happened to you.
  4. Decide you have angels in your everyday life.  Who was your angel today?


Reflection Questions! 

  1. Are you telling New NOW stories for your life?
  2. Is your energy focused on the positive experiences of your life? 


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to focus on telling today’s positive Life Story.


“If you think you have a problem,

accept that your belief systems (thoughts),
are giving you trouble, not the world.”

(Larry Crane)


Let’s increase the Love and vibrant energy of the planet!

Hugs and love from the Universe.

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