Nature’s Spring Love Songs

Spring Peepers Sing a Song of Joy!  In New Brunswick, they call them spring peepers.  Where I live in Alberta they are merely called spring frogs.  A polished “peep” is what they sing and I love it!  One spring peeper can be heard but barely, above the beauty of the joyous tinkling water sound.  But thousands literally make the very air reverberate with their lovely chorus.  These peepers emerge from the frogs’ eggs that lie deep within the depths of the muck of the streams during the winter.  In the spring, they hatch and emerge as tiny wee frogs with hearts that sing as beautifully as Susan DoyleI have a dream” of a new life!  (What a magnificent voice that wonderful woman has.  She is a reminder that true beauty lies below the surface of our consciousness.)  That’s a spiritual awakening and a global rise in consciousness for all of us.  Yes, Rebirth time is here!



The first sign of spring is the creek running over the beaver dams that fill my pond or slough.  That’s a sure sign that the thaw is finally here. The only time we hear the water rushing at the farm is this delightful water running sound in the spring.  It seems to sing and shout the joys of rebirth.  We all are awakening from a long winter’s nap where we cocoon here in the north.  This winter annual cocooning gives us time to regenerate our spirits.  We emerge like the water ready to embrace a rebirth and a new life.  Death and rebirth issues are all around us.  The spring signs are a hint of the marvelous rebirth.



Another early sign of spring in these parts are the pussy willows emerging from their buds.  Soft, gentle and waving gaily from the tree tops, the pussy willows reach towards the lovely sunlight.  Sometimes they are fooled on a warm winter’s day when some early bird willows pop out.  But in the true spring, the woods around the pond are alive with the smells and softness of several types of willow.  Their smells later will permeate the air.  The willow twigs I sometimes burn in our wood stove just to have the unique scent. 



We are on the migratory route for all kinds of birds.  So the sky if filled right now with sky streams of ducks and Canada Geese honking their way north again.  The bald eagles began appearing a couple of weeks ago.  Soon, very soon, I hope, my beloved swallows will twitter and begin dive bombing the dogs on our farm.  Every year I buy another cedar bird house so their population will grow and they will invite new friends to return with them.  These are natural bug killers and that is yet another reason why I love and support swallows.  Yes, spring is on its way. 



Happiness and Joy.  Rebirth. The very earth sings, dances and smells different.  It’s a new world.  It’s a cosmic new life.  It’s the time of your annual rebirth too.  It’s part of our natural earth cycle for all living things in the web of life. 



However, let’s tie this into astrology.  The real spring in your birth chart begins with the month you were born.   Each season is comprised of 3 months according to Suskin’s astrology book, Cycles of Life.  Start charting your own seasons and understand your chart more effectively. 



Reflection Questions!

1. What are four signs of spring in your part of the world?  

2.  How are you rebirthing yourself to be a new and improved YOU model?

3.  In what parts of your life do you need sing to the world about your talents?

4.  In what parts of your life do you need to reach up to the light and grow in your spiritual consciousness?



Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to read enlightening books every day.  I intend to grow and stretch my heart, body, mind and spirit. 



Whatever your life’s pursuit — art, poetry, sculpture, music,

whatever your occupation may be –

you can be as spiritual as clergy,

always living a life of praise.

(Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan)



Dance in the spring moonlight!


For more information on dealing with the energy around life, love and relationships, visit my blog at  If you are on a spiritual journey, you might also want to explore my website at 


4 Responses to “Nature’s Spring Love Songs”

  1. neilemac Says:

    When the darkness of doubt tugged my heart toward its ‘black hole,’ a sparkle of (light) drew my attention from the mire and gloriously lifted me toward MOONWOMAN glowing ((brighter)) and (((brighter))) in the supreme oneness where I now find myself aglow smack in the middle of it (((ALL))) with her.

    Reflection Questions!

    1. What are four signs of spring in your part of the world?
    -Increasingly loud trumpets from nesting crows and sight of other returning migrant birds alighting to rest on the electrical wires stretched across the view from my ‘bay window’ looking west on the commons. Although most refer to them collectively as a ‘murder of crows, or simply a ‘flock of birds,’ I prefer to think of them as nature’s Spring Choirs.

    2. How are you rebirthing yourself to be a new and improved YOU model?
    –Tuning into MOONWOMAN, KALIYUGASHAKTIMAMA, ‘thehiddenrecords’ and filling each and every moment instead of thinking of them, as having been or about to be, spent.

    3. In what parts of your life do you need sing to the world about your talents?
    –Only draw attention to my excesses [or talents if you must] in hope to share my experiences with all who may learn as much as I from the tales told.

    Having a ‘Libra’ ascendant compels me to toss out thoughts in order to weigh their reaction; ’tis the way I’ve learned to recognize balance in many facets of understanding while chipping the grit off the increasingly polished diamond once buried deep in my consciousness, my ‘higher’ mind’s eye.

    4. In what parts of your life do you need to reach up to the light and grow in your spiritual consciousness?
    –“Every breath I take, every move I make…” to quote a couple or eight words from Sting [The Police] a top cop of ‘perpetual awareness.’


    At the still point of destruction
    At the centre of the fury
    All the angels all the devils
    All around us can’t you see
    There is a deeper wave than this
    Rising in the land
    There is a deeper wave than this
    Nothing will withstand

    I say love is the seventh wave

    Above is the last verse of Sting’s “Love Is the Seventh Wave” from “Dream of the blue turtles” album [second cut]

    But to answer ‘what parts?’ My ongoing intention is to pay attention to the Seven Illuminated Chakras. Check out the video by Anodea Judith at YT site for an immediate visual introduction. Here’s the link.

    Love Is always sis, but you know that. Thanks for the query deary, hehe; and again for reflecting your (((LOVE))) in our direction. (((HUGS))) xx

  2. Sherrie Says:

    Hey bro’, I’m dancing with you in our gorgeous spring from coast to almost coast! Warm hugs!

  3. LOVERLENE Says:

    ……….. I would like to dance under a Spring twilight… bare feet, white-fairy dress and enchanting thru the woods… feel the cool wind that caresses my tender skin, I would like to be a Goddess, Goddess of Spring… Goddess of Spring Love… haaaaayyyy! XOXO… (“,)

    who would care to be with me?
    email me—

  4. sherrieh Says:

    Ah, but my dear, you are the Goddess. Embrace her!

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