Angel Dimes of Hope

angels surround us

angels surround us

We all have angels in our lives.  Angels who have passed over to the other side often leave signs that their energy is still around us.  Indeed, while their physical bodies may be gone, their spirit lives on.  While there are many signs, the Dimes of Hope are one of those signs.






A friend of mine did not believe in heaven.  “There is one life on this earth and that was it.  We return to dust”, she told me years ago.  Then her mother, whom she adored, died.  All of a sudden dimes were showing up in the weirdest places.  For example one day when I was visiting her, she wiped off the kitchen table and then sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee.  A dime showed up on the just-wiped off table where she put her coffee mug. 



Apparently this grandmother used to stash dimes in her piggy bank.  When her grandchildren came to visit, she was always giving them dimes to buy themselves some penny candy or other little treat.  Grandma would take out a bunch of dimes to purchase those treats.  Her twelve children and many grandchildren associated dimes with Grandmother.  So it is natural that Grandmother would reach out to her family from life beyond this earth to reassure them that she was okay.  Her daughter became a believer of life after death.



The other day, another friend spotted a dime when I was with her.  She had recently moved and was stressed about the move to a new town and a new job.  Coincidentally she kept finding these dimes all around her new location.  She told me these dimes were being sent by her mother to reassure her it would be okay.  She said this was an old Irish belief system.



It is important to remember that when people we love die, they are just on the other side of the doorway.  Perhaps we can’t see them and perhaps we can.  My sensitive sister sees our father frequently when she needs to ask his advice on something.  This has reassured her immensely.  I don’t see people who have passed over, but I frequently will hear their voice with wise words whispering in my head.  I find it strange as I will catch glimpses of my animal friends who have moved to another world, but I don’t get to see people.  Other people will have them come in their dreams and appear as if they are very real and can be touched.  However the angels come to visit you, they are real and their message is clear.  There is life beyond this earthly life.   


Reflection Questions! 

  1. Do you see angels who have passed over?
  2. Do you hear angels who have died?
  3. Do you dream of people who have left this earth?
  4. Do you smell the people’s unique smell when they are gone?


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to being open to the angel messages.



If we had no winter,

the spring would not be so pleasant;

if we did not sometimes taste of adversity,

prosperity would not be so welcome.

(Anne Bradstreet)

Hugs and love from the Universe.



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9 Responses to “Angel Dimes of Hope”

  1. Linda Says:

    Hi, I am so blessed to see, feel, hear and sense some of my angels that has passed over, I would not know how I would deal with many things with our Papa’s appearances and messages, when I least expect it, he is there with me. it is comforting, assuring and calms me down and I just say Thank-you Papa, then I thank God for this unbelievable blessings. I have even asked to watch out for my brother when the time comes and I know that he will. Last year when we were at CC cabins, to see him entering a trail with a dog, I suspect an old friend of his, it was amazing. I knew that I was meant to see him. Some day we will all see him again, and have some tea and war cake and catch up, but for now will look forward and value every sighting or message I get from him, he will wait for all of us patiently, as he knows that there is some things that we have not finished yet on this earth, I look for pennies, and each time I find one, I say “In God I trust”. Love Linda

  2. Linda Says:

    It is suppose to say “without our Papa’s “

  3. sherrieh Says:

    My dear Linda, I’m so pleased you shared your thoughts. People who have a lot of water in their astrology charts will often see beyond this world. You are very gifted in this my dear friend!

  4. Casi Robinson Says:

    Recently my brother passed away. I did not know about “angel dimes” until my cousin told me about them. After she told me about this, I started seeing them everywhere. Today, I was moving some things around and I found a dime. I felt it was from him and I smiled and left it where it was. A few hours later, someone who I didn’t know very well but was very close to all my friends passed away. I remembered that I had found a dime and I knew that it was my brother telling me that I needed to be there for my friends. it was a very uplifting feeling.

  5. Jane Says:

    My husband unexpectedly passed away in December 2010. Since that day I have been so distraught & desperate looking for a sign for him to tell me that he is still here. Recently I have been finding dimes in coffee shops, and parking lots, I never thought anything of it until one morning one of the cats literally dropped a dime at my feet. Then this past weekend I was in the garage and there was dime by his car. Now I’m thinking this is his way of telling me he is here. Does anyone know? Can anyone help me?

  6. Kim Says:

    My daughter was killed in a car accident 4 years ago, and ever since then I have been finding dimes everywhere. When I take the laundry out of the washing machine a dime will be there, I know everyone finds change in the washing machine, but it’s only dimes at my house. You can walk down the stairs and on your way back up, there’s a dime in the stairs that wasn’t there on your way down. Same in the hallways. Pull my cell phone out of my purse and a dime is stuck to it. Open the car door and there is one on the ground. This past Tuesday was the 4th anniversary of her passing and a bunch of her friends were at the house. I had cleaned up the living room before they arrived, but when they left, there on the end table was a dime. The next night two more friends stopped in, when I stood up to see them out, I had been sitting on a dime during their visit. I have always believed that they were signs from my Jessie, but only this week have I started to search to see if anyone else has had the same experience and I’m shocked to see how many. I’ll continue to collect my Angel Dimes knowing that she is around us still.

    • sherrieh Says:

      I believe the dimes bring comfort to us and a reassurance that our loved ones are looking over our shoulder. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It will help comfort others. Many blessings!

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