Love Your ZENN again!

So you want a smog free city or town this summer?  You have to do some talking about ZENN and the hybrids.  It truly will begin with you chatting up a storm with your family and friends.  Recently I received an email from a friend along with a powerpoint on electric cars that were built 10 years ago.  I’m not sure about the factual information on this powerpoint, but it asks the question why we are not moving this technology forward when we know it will help with the famous carbon capture problem we are having around the globe.  Here’s my response to my friend that I felt might be of interest to the rest of you.


The oil and gas lobby is certainly very strong in both Canada and the USA.  The regulatory powers in Ottawa were simply not allowing the Zenn electric car or any other electric vehicle much opportunity to move forward in Canada.  Yet ZENN vehicles were sold in several other countries around the world.  My blog is read by hundreds of folks whom I hope will tell two friends and discuss it further.  Then hopefully they will move things forward with their votes the next time round.  We need to hear the discussion buzz of electric AND hybrid car possibilities in the very coffee shops and bars all over our great country.  It is ONE way we can move towards smog free cities and countries. 

I have written about the ZENN on at least three other occasions.  I know there have been other cars created by other countries.  This is the only one in Canada that is being made.   


What we hear from the politicians is the electric cars can’t keep up with the flow of traffic and are unsafe.  In actual fact oil and gas fund lots of political people and are a strong lobby group.  Oil and gas are one of the major driving economic forces in our country.  So guess what.  When we should have had electric cars now running in the 85% population base of our cities 10 years ago, they are still not there.  When our politicians should be spending their government dollars on government vehicles that are totally run by electricity, they still aren’t doing it.  If we had made this move 10 years ago when the auto people were doing this, our world would be a much healthier place to live today. 


Thank God for BC which has passed legislation and now is the only province in Canada to allow electric cars such as the ZENN on the roads.  Due to political pressure, ONT is considering allowing the electric car.  Yes, we have to continue voting in politicians and parties that have a very green agenda in every province as well as federally. 


All I can say is thank God we have Barack Obama who will insist that every piece of legislation will be attached to green energy in some format.  He’s the only one with the clout who can insist this will happen in North America.  Stephen Harper has done a complete about face on green thinking as a result of trying to be in the good books with the USA.  However, he still doesn’t get it that you can tie economics into green power where everyone comes out the winner.  He certainly did NOT listen to Canadians who tried to tell him that with their green vote on the last election.  Instead Harper said that economics superceded green and environmental concerns.  Hello!  They are tied together, but Harper simply is unable to think outside his little box in his head.


Hopefully in the next 10 years we all will have cleaner air to breathe as a result of Obama’s influence in Canada as well as all North America and Mexico.  Thank God for NAFTA.  We had the technology 10 years ago.  We had electric cars on the road 10 years ago.  We could rent them 10 years ago.  My question is why are all our government cars not either hybrids or ZENN cars?  Our politicians should be leading the way by their example.  Our politicians have let us down for the past decade.  You can change this by demanding hybrid cars and particularly our Canadian made ZENN. 


I just received this information from my cousin Curtis who has a hybrid.  Thanks for the hybrid links! He is being given some grief about people with blinders on about hybrids.  When I asked why, here is part of his response.   It has to do with disposal of the spent batteries and how much extra manufacturing there is for the hybrids

However this seems to be positive

Then there is this :


Let’s increase the green energy of the planet!

Hugs and love from Planet Earth.



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