Spirituality Light and Dark

Winter is wonderful! It reminds me that our spiritual journey must be made up of both light and dark in order for us to grow. Those are polarity points. While we may think we want extreme light and goodness in our lives, we only get there through experiencing some of the darker moments. We need to go into the depths of the dark emotional life experiences to do our inner work.


So do not fear those dark times in your life. Embrace them for they will help you to grow emotionally. Some call these Vision Quests. It is when we overcome the Dark Night of the Soul that we grow. We face our fears and learn to move forward. One step at a time. One fear at a time. Deal with it and continually spiral upward and forward! Nature gives us the blueprint for living. Winter time and the darker time of our lives is a time for cocooning and thinking about why we are here, where did we come from, what is our purpose, what is our next step”.


While we may think it is dark outside, there is moon reflection and star light to help guide our paths during the dark of night. In winter we have the added reflection of the moon off the snow. We are never truly alone because God or Creator or your higher power, or the Universe sends us these lovely beams of light to befriend us and light our way. If we look up to the heavens, we see the stars reflecting all the light of the world that is available to us. It is a reminder to us to look to the beauty of the natural light and the beauty of our Higher Power. If we look down, we see the light reflected as diamonds in the sparkling snowflakes. Each of us is a diamond when we choose to reflect the light of the Universe. It is a choice that you can make for your life. Yes we can! Frankly we are not meant to live in fear. Instead we are given these points of God’s light to show S/he always has a Sacred Safe Place for us to go to. That safe place can be in your heart if you will allow it to happen.

Reflection Questions! 1. What is your main purpose or goal at this point in your life? 2. Are you one the correct path for you? Or are you continually running into road blocks? 3. What is your primary feeling about your day? If it is not positive, then you are not on your sacred path. In other words do you have more light or more dark in your life? 4. Where does spirituality fit into your life?


Affirmations and Intentions: I intend to focus on my spirituality so that it becomes as natural to my life as breathing.


Dance in the Misty Moonlight!


2 Responses to “Spirituality Light and Dark”

  1. dejavouz Says:

    That was a really good read, my only trouble is that I don’t appear to be learning certain things and so they keep happening to me.

    You gave a wonderful description of life…

  2. sherrieh Says:

    Dejavoux, the roadmap is not often easy to read. But if you keep asking yourself the question, “What lesson am I supposed to be learning?”, instinctively you will know what the correct answer is for yourself. This is especially true during either Pisces Sun or Moon times which we happen to be in right now. Warm hugs!

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