Love Your Extended Family

My extended family are angels in my life.  Each one is a precious gem whom I have carefully chosen for one reason or another.  I love each one and they have helped grow that love immensely over time.  Some of these angel jewels have been in my life for decades.  Others have come in more recently.  Each one has helped my heart to grow bigger.  Each has helped my heart to vibrate stronger with the golden love they give back to me.   



I was cleaning out the debris and deleting some of the people who are on my friends list who have been inactive for over 90 days.  In other words, they no longer can access me so easily.  I thought, ah, if life were only that easy to delete some of our garbage family members.  You know what?  It is that simple!  Interestingly I heard from three of my extended family members lamenting about their bio-family yesterday.  That’s not surprising given the double water energy of the Pisces Sun and Pisces Moon.  So here’s my response to one of them whom I dearly love. 



Out of sight, out of mind, out of my life! … Delete and hit the delete button in your heart!  You see, people like your sister just are so into themselves that they don’t really give a damn about you and others.  Yet look at all the others that you care about.  Those folks sincerely return your feelings back to you full circle. The ones you choose to have part of your extended family are the ones who truly care about your well being.  They care about what happens in your world.



So not only did I delete people from blog world, but also I went in and deleted people from my “family” email whom I never hear from, either verbally or in person, or through email.  They are unworthy of my love and my attention because they are apathetic about life.  Their energy must be very low vibrationally.  They certainly no longer vibrate in my world. Excuse me, but why flog a dead horse?



I want people who choose to live and who choose to love whole heartedly in my world.  I want people in my world who choose to live their lives on purpose.  They dedicate themselves to growing and evolving. They choose to make the world a better place for all of us to be. I want people in my world who truly do contribute love to the world and who sincerely care.  I choose to surround myself with people who vibrate at a higher energy level of truly loving in their hearts.   Their actions and their deliberate communication efforts show that what I do and what happens to me, matters in their hearts.



Hence my extended family have moved into my inner circle of caring and loving.  They have become my chosen sisters and brothers . in my web of life  They are the ones I will expend my energy on.  They are the ones who bring chats of happiness and joy to my heart.  These are the people to whom I will send my golden trinkets and treasures of my memories of day-to-day life.  These are the people I choose to share the rest of my life with.  These are the people who sincerely do care whether I live, whether I breathe, whether I thrive or not. 



Now I have to tell you I was born into a deeply Christian family.  So now you know the rest of the story as well.  Nope, I have no great love for those who grace the church doors professing to be so pure in their Christian hearts.  Their actions totally belie their churchy words on Sundays.  I suspect the same holds true for every other religion, so religion has little to do with it.  Instead I view these “no-lifers” biological family members as being cancerous energy in my heart and in my soul.  So I just used the available Pluto energy and burned them out of my life and heart forever.  



So my dear extended family member, just hit the delete button in your heart.  Instead of yearning for people from the past who are not worthy of your heart energy, hit delete!  Look to the people who love you NOW and embrace their energy whole heartedly.  Your life, your love, your heart and your soul are worthy of you surrounding yourself totally with love and loving people.  They are the ones you have been looking for approval from all your life.  They are the ones who will move forward into a loving future with you.  Allow yourself to love in the NOW.   Choose those who will love you for all your soul’s being in their future.  I love you and am grateful you are in my life, my angel.


Let’s increase the Love and vibrant energy of the planet!

Hugs and love from the Universe.



Love Your ZENN again!

So you want a smog free city or town this summer?  You have to do some talking about ZENN and the hybrids.  It truly will begin with you chatting up a storm with your family and friends.  Recently I received an email from a friend along with a powerpoint on electric cars that were built 10 years ago.  I’m not sure about the factual information on this powerpoint, but it asks the question why we are not moving this technology forward when we know it will help with the famous carbon capture problem we are having around the globe.  Here’s my response to my friend that I felt might be of interest to the rest of you.


The oil and gas lobby is certainly very strong in both Canada and the USA.  The regulatory powers in Ottawa were simply not allowing the Zenn electric car or any other electric vehicle much opportunity to move forward in Canada.  Yet ZENN vehicles were sold in several other countries around the world.  My blog is read by hundreds of folks whom I hope will tell two friends and discuss it further.  Then hopefully they will move things forward with their votes the next time round.  We need to hear the discussion buzz of electric AND hybrid car possibilities in the very coffee shops and bars all over our great country.  It is ONE way we can move towards smog free cities and countries. 

I have written about the ZENN on at least three other occasions.  I know there have been other cars created by other countries.  This is the only one in Canada that is being made.   


What we hear from the politicians is the electric cars can’t keep up with the flow of traffic and are unsafe.  In actual fact oil and gas fund lots of political people and are a strong lobby group.  Oil and gas are one of the major driving economic forces in our country.  So guess what.  When we should have had electric cars now running in the 85% population base of our cities 10 years ago, they are still not there.  When our politicians should be spending their government dollars on government vehicles that are totally run by electricity, they still aren’t doing it.  If we had made this move 10 years ago when the auto people were doing this, our world would be a much healthier place to live today. 


Thank God for BC which has passed legislation and now is the only province in Canada to allow electric cars such as the ZENN on the roads.  Due to political pressure, ONT is considering allowing the electric car.  Yes, we have to continue voting in politicians and parties that have a very green agenda in every province as well as federally. 


All I can say is thank God we have Barack Obama who will insist that every piece of legislation will be attached to green energy in some format.  He’s the only one with the clout who can insist this will happen in North America.  Stephen Harper has done a complete about face on green thinking as a result of trying to be in the good books with the USA.  However, he still doesn’t get it that you can tie economics into green power where everyone comes out the winner.  He certainly did NOT listen to Canadians who tried to tell him that with their green vote on the last election.  Instead Harper said that economics superceded green and environmental concerns.  Hello!  They are tied together, but Harper simply is unable to think outside his little box in his head.


Hopefully in the next 10 years we all will have cleaner air to breathe as a result of Obama’s influence in Canada as well as all North America and Mexico.  Thank God for NAFTA.  We had the technology 10 years ago.  We had electric cars on the road 10 years ago.  We could rent them 10 years ago.  My question is why are all our government cars not either hybrids or ZENN cars?  Our politicians should be leading the way by their example.  Our politicians have let us down for the past decade.  You can change this by demanding hybrid cars and particularly our Canadian made ZENN. 


I just received this information from my cousin Curtis who has a hybrid.  Thanks for the hybrid links! He is being given some grief about people with blinders on about hybrids.  When I asked why, here is part of his response.   It has to do with disposal of the spent batteries and how much extra manufacturing there is for the hybrids

However this seems to be positive

Then there is this :


Let’s increase the green energy of the planet!

Hugs and love from Planet Earth.



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One Million Acts of Green

Biodiesel, fuel cells, solar power, geothermal power, geothermal heat, wind power.  These are all major movers towards finding solutions to our world-wide dependence on oil and gas.


Last night our neighbor came over to discuss his latest research in exploring biodiesel.  He is pumped.  He is excited.  He is passionate.  He’s in the agri-business and sees biodiesel as one possibility of getting rid of excess waste of grains he can’t sell due to spoilage.  He talked of the possibilities of creating fuel from wood chips to algae.   Old hay in the fields?  It can be used to make fuel. 


Some of this discussion came from my concern about food products being sold to create biodiesel instead of feed the people around the world.  Last year there was a huge outcry around the world because our food prices had increased substantially.  That friends was due to speculation on the commodities markets around the world.  It was not due to the supply of food grains.  The farmers can’t sell their grain products for what it cost them to produce even.  Farmers in Canada have a surplus of food product for this very reason he explained.  So my friends the problem is laid at the door of Wall Street and stock markets around the world if you are paying more for food where you live. 


Frankly, the price of gas has decreased immensely here.  Our food prices were sent soaring to reflect high gas prices.  Those food prices have never come down with the decline in gas costs.


One Million Acts of Green is a hit with Canadians!  We saw the interview with George  Stroumboulopoulos the other night on the news.  George says the two things that are most easily achieved is

  1.  Turn your lights off when you are not using them
  2. Change your light bulbs to energy efficient ones.


Go to their website to find out all kinds of ideas of how you can green your environment and take the Million Acts of Green Challenge.  


Are you from another country? How about getting your major media to issue the challenge to create a greener sacred space in your province, state or country?  It only takes ONE person to get the green ball rolling rapidly. We only have one earth and we all need to be a part of the solution, since we have all been a part of the problem.  Here’s another website I subscribe to for information and solutions!


Reflection Questions!

  1.  What are 4 things you can do to make your home environment a greener place?
  2. Are these practical solutions?
  3. Are these achievable?
  4. Can you and your family make them a habit?


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to change one habit today.  I intend to make this a greener world.  I intend to honor the environment in which I personally live.


Dance in the Sacred Earth Moonlight!

Hugs and love from the Universe.


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Spirituality Light and Dark

Winter is wonderful! It reminds me that our spiritual journey must be made up of both light and dark in order for us to grow. Those are polarity points. While we may think we want extreme light and goodness in our lives, we only get there through experiencing some of the darker moments. We need to go into the depths of the dark emotional life experiences to do our inner work.


So do not fear those dark times in your life. Embrace them for they will help you to grow emotionally. Some call these Vision Quests. It is when we overcome the Dark Night of the Soul that we grow. We face our fears and learn to move forward. One step at a time. One fear at a time. Deal with it and continually spiral upward and forward! Nature gives us the blueprint for living. Winter time and the darker time of our lives is a time for cocooning and thinking about why we are here, where did we come from, what is our purpose, what is our next step”.


While we may think it is dark outside, there is moon reflection and star light to help guide our paths during the dark of night. In winter we have the added reflection of the moon off the snow. We are never truly alone because God or Creator or your higher power, or the Universe sends us these lovely beams of light to befriend us and light our way. If we look up to the heavens, we see the stars reflecting all the light of the world that is available to us. It is a reminder to us to look to the beauty of the natural light and the beauty of our Higher Power. If we look down, we see the light reflected as diamonds in the sparkling snowflakes. Each of us is a diamond when we choose to reflect the light of the Universe. It is a choice that you can make for your life. Yes we can! Frankly we are not meant to live in fear. Instead we are given these points of God’s light to show S/he always has a Sacred Safe Place for us to go to. That safe place can be in your heart if you will allow it to happen.

Reflection Questions! 1. What is your main purpose or goal at this point in your life? 2. Are you one the correct path for you? Or are you continually running into road blocks? 3. What is your primary feeling about your day? If it is not positive, then you are not on your sacred path. In other words do you have more light or more dark in your life? 4. Where does spirituality fit into your life?


Affirmations and Intentions: I intend to focus on my spirituality so that it becomes as natural to my life as breathing.


Dance in the Misty Moonlight!