Green Recycle Your Electronics & Computers

Help keep this earth The Sacred Safe Place for all of us.  Most of you know that we recently had to replace Zeus, our workhorse computer and printer.  What do you do with the old one?  Take it to a landfill?  Throw it out in the garbage?  No and no.  Coincidentally, I received this email below requesting a link to one of our business websites.  Hooray, the universe provided my answer!


I’m an avid recycler and promoter of all things that will help keep our lovely planet a better place to live for each of us.  This email is reprinted with permission here.  Since I now have an old computer and printer that no longer work for me, I’m thrilled to see such a place exists. 


I am writing from , The Electronic Recycling Association. We are a non profit organization that donates and recycles computers and electronics. We are trying to gain more exposure, and are asking if your organization and website could post a link to us? We will gladly place your logo and link to your website on our website’s link section as well.


We are The Electronic Recycling Association @ , Located in

Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Canada.



Web Marketing

Electronic Recycling Association

1301 34th Avenue SE

Calgary, AB, T2G 1V8



  1. If possible please check this out for yourself. Then get your local municipality or city to recycle computers and other electronics to this nonprofit agency.
  2. Please post this same email on your blog or contact them to link to their website.  They appear to be just getting their website going, so be patient.


I’m in the process of revamping 3 of our websites and plan to include this organization in my list of links.  As well, I intend to write a letter to my local municipal government asking them to let people know about this through their newsletters and links.  I also will write a letter to our local newspaper editor asking people to do the same thing.  Newspapers love to get letters to the editor.  Lastly, I’m going to forward this to people on my email list so they will be aware of what they can do to take their replaced electronics and computers to heaven.  We need to do what we can to help create a better place for all.  Besides, this company refurbishes electronics and gives them away to groups that cannot afford such luxuries.  What a grand idea!  For those of you living in other countries, please see what is available in your country and post it on your blog.  Why wait until Earth Day to do something that is helpful to this sacred place we call home?


Peanut Product Recall

Peanut butter is a staple in our house.  My Sherpa and I both love it (with bananas and chocolate is best for me, with jam is best for hubby).  I was appalled that my mother who is with the Golden Girls in Florida had not heard of this recall, since she too eats peanut butter daily.  So for those of you who also are in the habit of feeding peanut products to your kids, please see the list.  Thankful the peanut butter we generally eat is not on this list. 


Canada Salmonella in peanut butter recall product list:


Canada:  other foods:





Dance in the Mercury Retrograde Moonlight!


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