Nature’s Love Poems 2

Nature sings a Love Poem at every season of the year. We are so blessed by the gifts we receive from nature.  If we watch carefully, we learn all the Life Lessons we need to succeed.  Those gifts from nature are part of our roadmap through life.


Winter brings the gift of White Light.  In the country where I live there is only natural light at night.  It is never truly dark since the white snow reflects light once your eyes adjust.  Similarly, sometimes when it seems to be very dark in our emotional lives, all we have to do is open our hearts and feelings to the white light of our higher power.  We are never alone if we believe and have faith that there is a higher power.  I don’t care whether you call that higher power Buddah, Allah, God, Creator or any other name.  There is but ONE higher power.  When one examines the major religions of the world, fundamentally they all preach the same message.  That is a message of Love and caring for our fellow human being. 


Winter brings the gift of slowing down the earth’s rhythms.  It is a time to go inside and to reflect.  It is a time to take life easier.  It is a time to simplify.  Winter is a time of Soul renewal in preparation for the rebirth that will awaken us in the spring.  Before we can have that rebirth, we must reflect, learn our lessons from the past year and grow from them.  Winter is very necessary on our soul’s journey.  Wintertime is the time to raise our consciousness.


Winter Fairy

Winter Fairy

 Enjoy the magic of winter.  Believe in the magic of the little spirits that come whispering on the wind and into your hearts.  Be grateful for those inspirations that we call intuition!  Bless everything you have in your life by being grateful.  That increases the positive energy around you!  That’s the Law of Attraction.  Since winter is wonderful reflection time, then empower yourself!




If you want to increase good things in your life, remember to be grateful for what you already have.  Say a little prayer several times a day, just between you and your higher power.  By focussing on the positive energy in your life, you bring more positive energy into your life.  So watch what you feel in your heart and what you think even!


I’m delighted you came for a visit. Remember to give Green environmentally gifts year round! Enjoy!


In moments of surprise

we catch at least a glimpse of the joy

to which gratefulness opens the door.

(David Steindl-Rast)


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