Bullies and Alternative Healing

The biggest tournament of the year was about to happen and I called her into my office and told her she was not allowed to go.  She was devastated and of course went to her parents lamenting the fact that this was to be her last basketball game in that K-9 school and she was not allowed to attend.  Her mother was one of my favorite staff members.  Her father walked me “down the aisle” when we got married 5 years ago.  So I’m very close to the family.  This girl is like looking myself in the mirror at the same age since she is also a Taurus and born 2 days after me.  

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

The egg is a seed.  To me a seed stands for new beginnings of some kind.  In my last year of teaching and being school administrator, bullying was a real issue. The 14 year old star of our girls’ basketball team was being a bully.  Her coach complained about her behavior at practice.  Her teammates tearfully came to me for counseling when her comments ripped them to shreds emotionally. 






However, she had become a bully not only to her teammates and to her coach, but also to other kids in the school.  Understand this is a gal who is beautiful, smart and a leader.  But she had become full of herself and was arrogant.  I knew that somehow I had to nip this behavior in the bud or she would be horrid as an adult. 


Needless to say, her father called me at home that night saying his daughter was just sobbing her heart out and Daddy wanted to fix it for his eldest child.  I listened and told him I would deal with her in the morning, but made no promises.  On my 45 minute drive to school I prayed to God to give me a solution since it was beyond me.  Instantly the answer came to have the girl go and buy a dozen eggs before I did a counseling session with her on this issue. 


When she brought me the eggs, I had her write the names of each of her team mates on the each egg.  Then I had her write her coach’s’ and the names of her two sisters.  So now each egg had a name on it.  She picked up each egg in turn and told that person how she truly felt about them and what she cherished about them.

I then had her take each egg, one at a time and put it on the floor and stomp on it.  When she was through with all 12 eggs, I told her she had to pick up each individual egg and yolk and return it just the way she found it.  Of course this is impossible. 



I then told her that is what she does with each person she belittles and puts down.  She breaks their spirit with her words.  They are never returned whole in the same state at which she found them.  It mixes them up and they are shattered.  I asked her how she felt towards each of these people whom I know she loves.  When she told me she was devastated by her behavior, I then had her clean up her yellow yolky mess.  She then had to go and find each person whose name was on an egg and apologize to them for her behavior. She was to tell them how much she valued their friendship and how much she loved them.  Here was the condition.  If they accepted her apology with grace and forgiveness, she got to go to the tournament.  She was not to tell her friends that.  She was crying, I was crying for the soul of this young chick. 


It was a lesson well learned.  Yes, she got to go to the tournament.  When she went to high school, she became a phenomenal leader, with compassion and understanding.  Today, I’ve very proud of the young adult woman she has turned out to be.  She is a leader in her small community.  She is a valuable contributing member to her peers.  She even likes herself now and no longer feels the need to bully. 



You see, bullies are the most insecure people in the world.  When we confront them, it takes away their power.  If there is a bully in your life today, take the seed of this idea.  Create a new beginning for yourself and for your life.  Confront your fear and do not let them run over you.  Be an angel for your sake and theirs and confront them with their behavior.


Sometimes we have to use the seeds of tough love to have the result of a lovely caring and compassionate person.  Did I know how this was going to turn out?  Not at all.  But God gave me a clear message and I trusted that message.


Take the first step in faith.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase,

just take the first step.

(Martin Luther King Jr.)



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