Joy & Happiness Quiz

Happiness and Joy is the best therapy there is in life.  The best alternative energy to helping yourself to heal any wound is to create Moments of Joy in your life.  You simply do the following process preferably on a walk in nature:

  1. Breathe deeply inside right down to your toes.
  2. Have a sensory experience.  What do you smell, taste, see, feel, hear?
  3. Give yourself 5 minutes of calm, deep breathing.  Focus only on your breathing and your sensory experience.
  4. What 4 simple things bring you Moments of Joy?

A year ago I began taking at least 4 Moments of Joy breaks a day.  I work long 12 – 16 hour work days juggling diverse things for the businesses my husband and I run.  By interspersing those Moments of Joy throughout my work day, I easily am able to stay focused on what I have to do.  So I choose specific times of my day and no matter what else is happening, the world outside ceases to exist.  I instead go inside to my World of Joy.  It’s the pause that refreshes your spirit.  It’s the pause that makes life worth living.  It’s the pause that brings you deliberate planning of happiness in your life, every single day.  I have found that by doing this, I’m more apt to focus on the positive events of my day.  I have also found that the more difficult events are dealt with in a much better way.  I used the Law of Attraction and affirmations to help me bring this energy into my life.

Moment of Joy Reflection Questions

1.  What 4 simple pleasures bring me joy?

2.  What smells, tastes, sights, sounds, touches makes me feel happy?

3.  Where can I find some “me pampering” time today for 5 minutes of joy?

4.  One a scale of 1-10 how well do I love myself?  5 = average, 10 is top of the scale.


A gift for you:  View this lovely film and understand the KISS principle:

                          KISS = Keep it Simple Sweetheart!

       The simple things in life are what bring Moments of Joy!



Affirmation:  I intend to take Moments of Joy today.  I intend to increase my Happiness quotient.  I intend to be peaceful and serene in my home.

If mama’s not happy, no one in the family is happy.

Create happiness every day for yourself!

Moments of Joy!

Angels Surround Us.  We call them fantastic friends!

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We are ALL Related

The world is a small place.  We are ONE people when you consider the big picture.  We know there is a higher power.  We all love the same important things in life: our children, our families, our country.   We all bleed red blood. We all live in the same neighborhood called Earth. 


We are linked through recycling the air we breathe and the water we drink.  We are linked to all people and all living beings on this marvelous planet.  We are linked to all who have lived before us.  Imagine it!  We are breathing the same air and drinking the same water as Einstein and Shakespeare!  We are all related in one family.  We are ONE!


Since we are 95% alike in what we truly want from life.  We can solve all problems through the common thread that runs through all of us.  We are raising our global consciousness.


Think green to preserve our Earth neighborhood.  YES WE CAN!


Angels Surround Us.  We call them fantastic friends around the globe!


We are ALL related

We are ALL related

I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to empower yourself!  If you found this helpful, then visit my website  If your want information on using energy to improve your life, your love, and your relationships, visit

10 Keys to Paddling Forward in Life

Relationship problems?  Dating problems?  Family Problems?  Friendship problems? Communication problems?  Career problems?  I’ll bet you are NOT paddling your canoe in the same direction.  Anyone who has tried to paddle a canoe with a partner, knows it is not easy.  You can go round and round in circles unless you get the paddling stroke just right.  Secondly you have to be synchronized with your friend.  You have to be focused on moving forward in the same direction.


Focus on Family Goal

Focus on Family Goal


Life is like that.  We might be as different as a moose and beaver in our relationship.  One of those animals lives on land and is huge.  The other prefers water and is small.  They eat different things.  They like different lifestyles.  They have different friends.  They have different habits. That’s okay.  Their relationship can more than survive.  It can thrive! 





Here are the  10 Keys to Paddling in the same direction.

  1. Mutually agree to focus on your 4 most important goals you have in common.
  2. Communicate honestly about how you feel about those 4 goals.
  3. If you feel the least bit sticky, or cold about any of those goals, don’t agree to doing it. 
  4. If you feel uncomfortable with any part of it, don’t paddle in that direction.
  5. Go with your feeling flow and you will glow in your goal focus. 
  6. Communicate, communicate.  Are those 4 goals important still?
  7. Revisit those goals every New Moon or at least once a month.
  8. Revise the goals that no longer work for both of you.
  9. If you have achieved some of the goals, replace them with new ones.
  10. If one of you is shifting direction, communicate so your partner understands.


Honesty, communication and being focused on what is important to the two of you adults in a relationship are the keys to keep you paddling in the same direction!  Only when the adults have figured out their canoeing focus should they bring it to the children for discussion.  Kids should NOT be deciding what direction the family is going in.  They do not have historical perspective.  Children do not have awareness of all the dynamics and the impact.  Children do not understand all the economic variables.  The family focus is a responsibility of the parents. 


Reflection Questions & Quiz On a scale of 1-10; 5 = average, 10 = perfect

  1. How well do I communicating my feelings with myself? 
  2. How well am I communicating my feelings with my partner?
  3. Am I being honest with myself?
  4. Am I being honest with my partner?

Affirmation:  I intend to communicate honestly and openly with my partner for the greater good of our family.  I intend to be honest to my feelings.  I intend to be honest with myself.  I intend to be the essence of me!


“You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die.

Or when.

You can only decide how you’re going to live – now.”

(Joan Baez)

Angels Surround Us.  We call them fantastic friends!


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Bridge your Pain

Sometimes the journey begins with the first step.  Sometimes it’s just a baby step and that’s okay.  It’s forward movement of energy that counts at the beginning. The emotions run deeply under that long bridge.  Sometimes we keep those emotions tightly wrapped around us. 


My father’s family lives near the longest covered bridge in the world at Hartland, New Brunswick, Canada.  Covered bridges were built during the horse and buggy days.  That bridge reminds me of how people insulate themselves from the outside world.  That beautiful old wooden bridge is covered to protect people and horses during frigid New Brunswick winters my grandfather told me.  They were built so that people could seek shelter from storms.  While the rain, sleet or snow rages outside, the horses, buggies and people were protected.

Bridge your Pain

Bridge your Pain




Life is often like that.  We protect ourselves by wrapping our hearts up securely in a blanket of thick walls.  Those walls keep our pain wrapped tightly up so that only a wee portion gets to leak out from time to time.  Those emotions make us feel vulnerable when we are dealing with the realities of life.  Those emotions create the Longest Covered Bridge in the World right inside ourselves.



There is an opening however.  If you open yourself up to facing the pain and reframing it with love energy.  Here’s how to raise this to your conscious level and empower yourself to grow into the light.  It’s just at the opening of the bridge.  You can do it.  Take the first baby step.  You can release yourself from continuing to have the storm of pain inside yourself!  YES YOU CAN.  It’s totally up to you!



Reframe Reflection Questions

1.  What was the lesson for me to learn in this situation?

2.  How has this lesson helped me to move forward with my life?

3.  Do I need to continue to protect this pain by keeping it deeply buried?

4.  Can I walk forward into the light of love energy by seeing the world as a better place since I learned that lesson?



Affirmation:  I intend to be safe emotionally from feeling the pain.  I pray for the strength to take the baby steps to move forward. This situation has helped me to grow to be the perfect person I am today.  I use this experience as a bridge to a better world for me.



A journey of a thousand miles

Begins with a single step.




I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to empower yourself!  If you found this helpful, then visit my website  If your want information on using energy to improve your life, your love, and your relationships, visit


Angels Surround Us

Remember me
Remember me

“No one else remembers.” 



These deep gut wrenching and very painful words force fear to leak out in all of us.  We hear those words from the lips of military people who have been to war.  They have lost treasured friendships. We hear those words from older folks in our lives whose beloved partners have passed on.  We hear those words from mothers whose babies have died at birth.  We hear those words from women who have had miscarriages or who have had abortions.



My last phone call several years ago to my favorite aunt was a memorable one.  I didn’t know then that she would die a short time later.  The Moon was floating through Cancer.  She was born under Cancer Sun.  Like all of you, my intuition, is high during the time when the Moon goes through a water sign.   I asked my Dad’s sister to tell me about her dead baby.  She dissolved into tears.  It appears that for close to 50 years no one wanted to hear about her infant daughter who died shortly after birth.  I asked her to story tell about her pregnancy, about the delivery of that baby.  I asked her to story tell when I found out the child was born with spina bifada at a time in our history when little could be done for such infants.  I asked her to story tell about my family’s reactions to the birth of this baby.  I asked where the baby was buried and did she ever get to visit the grave.  All those questions brought a gush of the tale from her lips.  Finally she could tell her story!

Angel hugs

Angel hugs


Today, I would tell her that her infant became an angel.  Today, I would tell her to listen to the faint angel wings that she would hear.  Today I would tell her to listen to the angel whispers in her heart.  You see, I know that angel baby remained around my aunt as long as she was grieving in her soul.  My aunt would catch momentary glimpses of this baby angel, but in 50 years did not have the courage to share her vision with anyone else.  How sad that she had no one who understood her grief and her dreams of her baby.




Moment of Joy!

Moment of Joy!

When we allow ourselves those active moments of deep grief, we also give ourselves permission to heal ourselves, piece by piece.  By actively doing something about your grief, you are helping to release that little angel to the heavens where she belongs.  One person I know puts a balloon with a message inside to her angel baby each year.  That helps to change the energy around her.  Another friend volunteers at the hospital to do baby hugs for those premature babies who otherwise might not make it.  Act.  Reframe and look for the good that was in this situation.  Learn the lessons and grow from them.  Do something positive. Do anything except to ignore those sorrowful feelings that can bury you. 



Reflection Questions

  1. Who can I safely talk to if I am in emotional pain?
  2. Who accepts me totally for who I am?
  3. Who do I trust to walk by my side in both good times and bad?
  4. What is some action I can do to change the energy of pain to the energy of love and Moments of Joy?

Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to move forward with my life seeking growth.  I reframe any painfully difficult situation by focusing on the Moments of Joy that situation brought me. 



You are surrounded by loving angels!

Listen with your heart and

you will hear their gentle whispers in the wind.

Savannah Marie is one of those sweet little cherubs.



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Life’s Coincidental Road Map

Roads to destination

Roads to destination

We live in a holographic universe.  What happens in your heart and in your subconscious mind is reflected in events that happen in your life.  That’s energy at work folks.  Nothing happens by mistake.  Nothing happens by chance, if we are wise enough to read it and head it.  We are being given a roadmap to point us clearly in the direction we are supposed to go in.  Each of us came to this planet with an agenda that we are supposed to fulfill.  Each of us have unique talents and gifts we are given for our journey through life.  Indeed, each of us has a definite purpose in this lifetime.  Yet there are many roads we can take to achieve that purpose.  We can take any one of those roads to end up just exactly where we belong. 

Shift your mind

Shift your mind

I truly believe that astrology is one of those clear indicators to the burning issue question of “What am I here for?  What is my Life Purpose?”  Actually that is a universal construct that each of us humans question from time to time.  Coincidences are a second type of significant signposts.  When people question themselves, indeed when people dream their answer the Universe perks up and says, “aha, I’ll give them a sign!”  We have to be wise enough to pay attention to the coincidences of our lives.

Shift happens!

Shift happens!


Such a sign happened when Barack Obama came to the world stage.  People on the planet heaved a huge sigh of relief together.  His coming to the world stage gives us a world hero such as we have not seen in many decades.  His coming has been foretold among many spiritual traditions. He has a lot of challenges ahead of him, but he is in the thoughts and prayers of many of us regardless of nationality, race, religion, or country.  Yes we are astrologically in the time of global shifts of consciousness.  The Mayan foretold it centuries ago.  The Egyptians foretold it in their pyramids.  Shift is here. 

Right thing

Right thing

When the Law of Attraction is activated it can do amazing things.  We humans have universally asked for help to heal our planet.  Obama stands on the shoulders of many giants who have led up to this moment in time.  He is but one who needs our help and needs our prayers in the months and years to come until 2012.  It is no coincidence that he is here in the NOW. 


Yes we can! We can heal this lovely planet.  Yes we can!  We collectively can understand that all people on this earth are one people.  Yes we can! We collectively can move forward more than any other time in the life of mankind.  When Creator/God gives you coincidences in your life, be grateful for the gift.  You have been given a direction to go in!  This is a gift from the universal consciousness.


Reflection Questions

1.  What are 4 coincidences that have happened recently in your life?

2.  How have you followed up on them?

3.  Where have those coincidences led you?

4.  Have you said a prayer of gratitude for being given those coincidences?

Affirmation and Intention:  I intend to pay attention to the coincidences in my life.



I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to empower yourself!  If you found this helpful, then visit my website  If your want information on how the daily Moon and Sun energy affects you, your love and your relationships, visit

Your Soul Mate Vision Board

Journey alone

Journey alone

Alone?  Feeling lonely?  Many people feel crushed by love.  They have bleeding hearts and wonder how they can possibly move forward with their lives.  They rush from relationship to relationship because they are lonely.  While many will question whether they can repair their old relationship, others accept the relationship is over and that it is time to move on the next step in their journey.  Honey, accept the fact that he or she is just not that into you and start to live life again!  You owe it to your own Love IQ!




A friend of mine is in her mid 30’s.  She truly wishes to manifest a soul mate.  Her biological clock is ticking and her body is giving her a sense of urgency. I ache for her as she has tried all kinds of things from on-line dating to those 5 minute meeting mates exchanges.  However, she has not done the work on herself.   She does not love herself enough to increase her Emotional IQ.  Consequently she will continue finding men who do not match her criteria until she herself has done the healing work on herself.  In other words, you get what you currently are because that is your energy or vibration rate.  Like attracts like in the body energy world.  So if you wish to attract someone who is gentle, then you have to be gentle.  If you wish to attract someone who is honest, then you have to walk your talk and be honest yourself.  If you want to attract someone who is respectful towards you, then you have to respect yourself and others.  That’s the Law of Attraction. 



Journey with Friend

Journey with Friend

Yah but how do you do that?  Perhaps you have to walk your Love Journey alone for awhile.  Give yourself some time and space to actively work on developing your own self esteem.  The first step is work on yourself alone or with friends who are supportive.  Ditch the friends who are negative and surround yourself with those who truly want only good things for you.  The second step is be clear on what qualities you want in a soul mate.  I have done several postings on core beliefs.  The third step is get in touch with your feelings.  How would you feel if you had the ideal mate?  I don’t care if you are a man.  You need to understand how you would feel having just the ideal soul mate for you. The fourth step is to create your manifesting or vision board during the 2 weeks of the New Moon Cycle.  See for when those times are.  Read your Vision Board every day first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  Read it with intense feeling.  You will increase your own vibration rate by remaining positive.  So make sure you have positive affirmations on your manifesting board.  Say it, Believe it is true, then Act as if it is already in your life!  Connect the dots.  If you don’t follow what you think you want, with emotions and then action, it will never manifest in your life.  You owe it to yourself.  Change is in the air.  Just act on it!


Reflection Questions on Love IQ

1.       How well on a scale of 1-10 do I love myself?  How high is my own self esteem?

2.     What core beliefs or qualities do I show to others?

3.     Do I feel comfortable being alone with just my thoughts and feelings, or do I have to drown everything out with noise?

4.     What 4 strong feelings would I have if I had my ideal soul mate?



Affirmation and Intentions: 

I intend to love myself enough that my little voice in my head says positive things about me.

I intend to feel comfortable in my own skin, so that I can be alone with my thoughts and feelings.

I am honest, trustworthy and respectful to myself.

I work on my self esteem every day.  I pamper me!


Each man lives love in his limited fashion and

Does not seem to relate the resultant confusion and loneliness

To his lack of knowledge about love.

(Leo Buscaglia; Love)



I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to empower yourself!  If you found this helpful, then visit my website  If your want information on how the daily Moon and Sun energy affects you, your love and your relationships, visit