Spirituality & Soul Vampire Strategies

With the Sun in Scorpio many people might feel emotionally overwhelmed until around November 21 when the Sun changes energy.  Since it is Hallowe’en, we need to discuss the term Soul Vampires.   I have yet to hear a better term and hopefully someone out there can suggest one.  Some people call them psychic vampires, but I don’t like that term and refuse to use it.



Each of us has encountered Soul Vampires.  They are those folks who leave you emotionally drained.  They leave your presence, you have a headache.  They leave and you are emotionally exhausted.  They leave and you feel depressed.  They are sucking your energy and feeding off your positive vibes.  Those are all indicators of a soul vampire.  We have soul vampires in our families, in our workplace, and among our friends.  Two out of three are pretty difficult to manage or control.  However you can work towards minimizing your contact with any soul vampire who wanders into your energy field. 


Use this as a tool to determine the effect a person has on you. Imagine a thermometer that shows a scale of 1 to 10.  It is important for you to understand your personal Emotional IQ.  5 is average for how you typically feel. 

1 =   I’m seriously depressed, sad, down;

5 =   I’m average, content with life and just coasting;

10 = I’m joyful, exuberant.



I truly believe that most mild to moderate depression occurs because our emotional well has run dry.  We have let too many soul vampires in.  We need to retreat and find out why we gave away our emotional power without filling up our well.  I believe the depression of sleeping helps us to do that.  It slows down the outside stimulation.  It has the effect of making us cocoon until our emotional well is refilled. 



If you are depressed or feel down after someone leaves your energy field, ask yourself the following:


1.  is there a physical reason for my having low energy?

If so, then start eating and exercising properly.  Perhaps it’s sleep you need!


2.  Is there an emotional reason for my having low energy and feeling down? If so, then deal with the issue rather than running away from it.


3.  Is there a spiritual reason for my having low energy and feeling depressed?  If so, have a chat with God and work on faith, self respect, hope and love.


4.  Is there an intellectual reason for my having low energy and feeling depressed?  If so, determine why you are choosing not to challenge yourself to learn something new or to surround yourself with smart friends.


Empower yourself!  Promise yourself that you will minimize your contact with soul vampires on your spiritual journey!


Life isn’t about how to survive the storm,

but how to dance in the rain!


I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to empower yourself!  If you found this helpful, then visit my website www.moonwomenspirituality.com.  If your want information on how the daily Moon and Sun energy emotionally affects you, your love and your relationships, visit my astrology blog at www.astromoon.wordpress.com


9 Responses to “Spirituality & Soul Vampire Strategies”

  1. goldenferi Says:

    We have one of those over on the other blog site. I open the blog some days to find multiple posts by her spewing negativity about almost everything. As time has gone by I have realized that something is amiss and much of what she writes may not be true. It is written for drama and to get readers. This sounds heartless but as I challenge her she comes up with an excuse for all things I suggest. As a caregiver type, it is hard for me to avoid folks like these. They seem to gravitate to my energy. Only now am I learning to push them away and realize the drain they put on my soul. When she was away,”taking one of her drama breaks” I felt so much better.

  2. sherrieh Says:

    Goldenferi, those folks are so difficult to be around, particularly if you are focussed yourself on the positives. Sometimes it is worth our while to challenge soul vampires. Othertimes, if it leaves us feeling drained, then we might as well walk away. They simply are not worth our energy. That is not heartless. It is life saving!
    Please surround yourself with a cocoon of white light before you ever respond to them, or even read their posts. That way you are insulated from the energy drain.

    Part of me feels sorry for these kinds of folks. However as a sensitive person who sincerely wants to help others, I also realize they have their journey and their lessons in life. Ultimately if their free choice to remained mire in stinkin’ thinkin’.

    Hugs to you!

  3. Tammy Says:

    So is this why I’m feeling totally out of sorts today?

  4. Tammy Says:

    …the sun in scorpio I mean…not the vampires

  5. sherrieh Says:

    Tammy, the Sun in Scorpio is pretty heavy energy compared to what you are used to. Yes, it’s a tough go for many people. My Scorpio hubby is used to sailing through it, but even he is swimming more slowly this morning than usual.

    Then you throw the Moon in Capricorn which is ruled b Saturn on top of it and ouch, owey, it’s really like being in a strait jacket. Just another day and we will in the lighter air sign of Aquarius. So hang tough. At least you understand the energy that is out there!

  6. mattl1980 Says:

    I’ll be sure to take a closer look- and I’ve certainly encountered some emotional vampires at school/work/everywhere else.

    Anyway, you should read a book called the Sociopath Next Door. It’s a fascinating book about Human Psychology and why we encounter some of the destructive personalities that we do.


  7. SoulSeeker Says:

    May I ask what makes you think it’s only happy vibs. You never know. Right. Don’t take me worn. Oh please don’t. But that could only be some. Thats how they could live right.
    I hope you do not take this wrong. But no matter if you don’t talk to them or not. Just some like to know their prey better. But some just don’t care. You could be on different plants and they can still feed off of you. Again please do not take this wrong.

    • sherrieh Says:

      Soulseeker, Soul Vampires literally feed off your energy field. They need to be close to you emotionally to do that. Once they worm their way into your feelings, then they can prey on you from a distance. The trick is once you discover your own pattern of behavior and your own feelings after interacting with them, you then can begin to close down your heart to them. It’s totally up to you whether you allow these emotional leeches to remain in your life, sucking the very life from your soul. Take care of you and your soul’s essence!

      • SoulSeeker Says:

        Sorry please don’t tell me what I am and what I do. I tried to to fake human. But you are not listening. I feed off bad vibs. And I drain barely any. But it makes it harder on me. So please don’t take any of it wrong if you would like to chat I think you got my e-mail.

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