10 Keys to Your Soul Mate & Joy

We all hear about soul mates.  A great relationship is one with a soul mate.  Love is profound with a soul mate.  There are 6 billion people on this planet.  I want only one who deserves me enough to love me for who I am.  So where do I find the one meant for me?  I want a soul mate who will bring me joy and happiness.


It all has to do with energy! The Law of Attraction suggests that the rate you vibrate at attracts others who vibrate at the same level.  Those are the people who are drawn to you like a magnet.  You don’t have to go looking for that person for s/he will be drawn to you.  You just have to fine tune yourself by using a vision board and doing the work on yourself to attract the kind of person you want into your life.  When you are clear about the qualities you want in a partner and you exhibit those qualities yourself, the perfect partner will manifest in your life. 


Yah right, I can hear you sputtering right now.  Once upon a time in a land far away I gave up searching for my soul mate.  I moved every year for close to a decade in search for this elusive person I had been reading about.  Instead of searching, I chose the lifestyle that I wanted as a single person, and bought a ranch.  I live 3 miles from my closest neighbor and 30 minutes from the closest town by choice.   I’m in my own  park surrounded by wildlife I adore.  Within a year, a person was brought to my very door to rescue me from freezing to death.  He came to repair my furnace.  I knew the moment I looked into his eyes, that he was the person I had been looking for.  I knew nothing about him, but I knew that piece.  My intuition told me, because I’m so in tune with my body energy.  But then I had to wait for him to understand that we were meant to be together.  The difference in our educational background was his great divide.  So I patiently became his friend until he felt comfortable with overcoming his lack of university education blockage.  While I waited, I worked on my self reflection.  It was a time of great inner work and personal growth. 


Now, there is another piece to this.  There is not just ONE soul mate out there for you.  There are lots of them!  When you find that one person, it does not mean forever either.  It means that, for a time you travel on your life journey together as long as your energy is compatible.  However if one of you chooses to grow and the other one does not work on themselves to grow, then your mutual energy is no longer in synchronization.  Then one of you will opt out of that relationship until you find another person who is synchronized with your new energy.  You get to choose your ideal life, if you are willing to do the work.  Empower yourself!


Here are 10 more key words for you to determine whether this person has some of the qualities you want.  Check out some of my other relationship postings for other key words.  On a scale of 1 – 10 you figure out how important these qualities are to you:

Love                      loyalty                   moderation            

Modesty                Orderliness            patience      

peacefulness perseverance          Purposefulness       reliability


Reflection Questions

1.  What are the 10 main qualities I must have in a partner?

2.  What are other qualities that would be icing on our relationship cake?

3.  Do I demonstrate those qualities myself or do I have to work on them?            

4.  Do my closest friends demonstrate those qualities?  If not, why not?




I intend to have my soul mate as my partner.

I deserve joy and happiness with my soul mate.

I intend to act as if I possess those 10 key qualities

until they are a habit with me.  Fake it until you habituate it!


Most of us look at our ideals,

say how far we are from them, and get depressed.

But it is heroic simply to say, “Here are my ideals,”

state them before the world, and

then spend your life trying to live up to them.

(Keshavan Nair)


I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to empower yourself!  If you found this helpful, then visit my website www.moonwomenspirituality.com.  If your want information on how the daily Moon and Sun energy emotionally affects you, your love and your relationships, visit my astrology blog at www.astromoon.wordpress.com


9 Responses to “10 Keys to Your Soul Mate & Joy”

  1. Colin Martin Says:

    Thank you Sherrieh for the beautiful post and comments!
    The Relationship Artist!

  2. proofofjane Says:

    Sherrieh it’s wonderful. I haven’t fi nished but I will comment on yoru blog often. Is it okay if I add you to my blogroll, whatever that iS?

  3. sherrieh Says:

    Hooray! someone who actually comments. I would love to have you on my blogroll. I’ll do the same for you! That is a mutual link so that we can get to each other’s site more quickly. Also it lets people who visit our site see what sites we like to visit because we are kindred spirits in one way or another!

  4. terriredux Says:

    Thank you for your response to my blog…and the link to your thoughts on soulmates, etc. I do believe that we have more than one soulmate – and I believe they appear in your life when the time is right. The feelings for me are strong – stronger than any I’ve felt in a very long time. I truly look forward to a long friendship with this man (mentioned in my blog!). What happens from there is for the universe to decide – but I will do my part, learn and enjoy the ride. The world’s a nicer place with someone by your side – whether they are a friend, a lover, or a family member…

    I’ll take your words to heart…and apply them to my life. Thanks again!

  5. sherrieh Says:

    Terri, we always can do with great friends in our lives. If anything else happens then that’s a bonus. Lovers come and go, but friends support us forever. Even angel friends with vibes! I’m cheering for you! Blessings

  6. Jane Says:

    Sherri eh, you are amazing. Thanks for all the help. I am going to do this exercise right now.. and I know someone’s out there for me. I will continue living my own dream and someone will be there. Love you tons.

  7. sherrieh Says:

    Ah, but Jane, you just called out to the Universe and my Love Notes told me that you needed this post! Just whisper in an angel’s ear and I’ll try to do what I can to help! You go for the gold medal because you truly do deserve it!

  8. Skylinekt Says:

    I enjoyed this.
    Truth be told that once you met your soul mate, your life will never be the same again.

  9. sherrieh Says:

    You are so right. However, now that I’m on soul mate #2, I believe at different stages of our lives, just the right person is there to be our help mate. I know my husband is just the perfect person for this part of my journey! My first husband was perfect for me in my 20’s. I’m totally a different person today. Research shows we literally change every cell in our body every 7 years. If you are not growing together in the same direction, then you need to find someone who will grow with you! Angel hugs and many blessings on this glorious day!

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