Spirituality Vision or Manifesting Board

Energy … all life is about energy.  What is your vision for your life? What is your dream for your life?  What would you like to appear in your life to give you the quality of lifestyle you are dreaming of?  If you can answer these questions plus work with the New and Full Moon questions I pose on my blog each month, then you can up the ante to manifesting what you are dreaming about. 


Background about Vision Boards:

Since the movie and book, “The Secret” came out, lots of people are now talking about vision boards.  Hooray!  Raising the level of consciousness.  When you take something from your subconscious mind and bring it to your conscious mind, you can put your energy brain wave focus on it.  The universe is all about energy. You are a bundle of electrical energy.  You already know this if you passed grade 6 when you learned about atoms and electrons and DNA in health.  Each cell in your body is a closed circuit of energy.  Work with your personal energy and create your vision.  It merely takes your concentrated energy a few minutes each day.  The more energy you put into it, the more quickly things will manifest for you.



The ancient ones in many diverse cultures around the world have done this for centuries.  I have heard these words put in a different way come from shamen and healers from diverse cultures.  They are the keepers to the ancient wisdom in their tribes.  Most of these use the oral tradition of story telling.  Here are the three keys to making it work for you.

1.      Dream it

2.      Believe it

3.      Act as if it were already here.



I believe the above only works if you are working for the greater good of life in the universe or on the planet.  We are all related.  We are all tied into the spider’s web of energy around this planet.  We all breathe the same recycled air and we all drink the same recycled water.  Those two things are the essence of life on planet earth for organic organisms.  When you choose to do something good for your life, you are choosing to do something good for all life on this planet.



So what is the science behind this?  Quanum Physics research.  Of all the stuff I’ve read over the past decade, the best book that explains the science is journalist, Lynne McTaggart’s book The Field.  She is actively engaged in proving the science with the help of scientists around the globe.  McTaggart’s latest book, The Intention Experiment, asks for your help in this research.  Another person who writes about the science is Dr. David Hawkins book on Raising Consciousness. It’s entitled Power versus Force.  He comes from a medical perspective and gives much food for thought.  If you really want to dig deeply into some of the current statistical research behind the quantum physics movement, subscribe to the Roger Nelson’s EGG project out of Princeton University.  http://noosphere.princeton.edu/  and http://beyondtheordinary.net/rogernelson.shtml




What I find fascinating is all of a sudden in both the scientific and psychological journals I read monthly, there is now some article discussing the current research as it pertains to their respective fields.  Quantum physics first published the findings and it is now becoming main stream.  What you believe, you perceive.  It throws off research experiments!


Process for Creating your Vision Board

So that’s the background behind Vision or manifesting boards.  How on earth do you create one for yourself?  There are all kinds of folks who will try to sell you one over the internet.  I believe it is best if you put your own energy into creating one for yourself.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.  Do what feels right for you.  Know that you cannot direct someone else’s life.  This has to be about your life and your choices. Here’s my process.

  1. are you a visual or an auditory learner?  Use both pictures and words.
  2. pictures go into our subconscious minds more easily.  Use pictures or icons that have meaning for you.  Beg, borrow graphics from the internet.  Take pictures with your digital camera, etc. 
  3. Use the New Moon 2 week cycle if you are trying to start something new for your life.
  4. Use the Full Moon 2 week cycle if you are trying to complete or finish something.
  5. You can have more than one vision board going at one time.
  6. Take an 8 x 11 piece of blank paper.


Dream it!   You have to dream about what you want.  Be clear in your heart and mind and soul as to what you would like your ideal world to look like.  I find if I focus on 4 things only at a time, it works best for me.  You have to figure out what works with your energy field.

  1. think about your answers to my blog’s New and Full Moon questions.  They have to do with the energy of those Moon cycles, so you can more easily tap into the energy that is around for that 28 day cycle. 
  2. Choose pictures or draw icons that represent clearly what you would like to see manifest.
  3. Write positive affirmations, affirming exactly what you want to appear in your life.
  4. Attach your feelings to it – joy, happiness, contented, etc. 


Believe it!  When you believe in your heart, your soul and your mind that you deserve your dream, you are already changing the energy dynamics around you.  You are engaging your emotions which is our oldest and most basic energy base.  Hawkins discusses his research on the words for positive emotions that vibrates at a higher level of consciousness.  He uses muscle testing to find out what words work best for any person.

  1. Look at your vision board each day.  In our household, we begin our day with reading our joint “couple” affirmations.  I keep my personal vision beside my computer because I practically live on my computer.  I choose to read mine several times a day.  That helps me to read my affirmations and look at my pictures several times a day.  Others will put it on their fridge, in their bathroom mirror, in front of the flush, or by their bedside.  This raises your consciousness. 
  2. My hubby is a Scorpio.  Water sign people can usually visualize their vision boards in their heads without creating a physical one.  We earth sign people need to see tangible evidence.  Air sign people often will need to discuss their vision board with someone they trust.  At the very least air signs, talk about it with the little voice in your head!  Fire signs you need to do, create, dance with a vision board!  Energy input needed!


Achieve it!  By acting as if it were already here, you have removed all your personal blocks to your achieving your heart’s desire.  For most people, they allow fear and other negative emotions to stop them from believing they deserve.  In some instances it is their personal insecurities.  In other cases, it has to do with what their families or society expects them to behave.  Start thinking outside the box of societal expectations!



Yah but … Start small to prove to yourself that it works for you.  Then fine tune the process that works best for yourself. Often things don’t materialize in our time frame, because frankly time is a human construct.  The universe does not recognize time.  It just is.  An analogy is a rubic’s cube or a puzzle.  When all the pieces are ready to fall into place, they will,  if you use the above process.  You have to be clear on what each puzzle piece looks like for your soul’s growth.  If you use the 3 principles and the process outlined above, I’m here to tell you it works.  If you doubt, it won’t.  Again that is part of the quantum physics and working with your own DNA. In other words, you are programming every cell in your body by reading your affirmations and your vision board.  Believe to achieve!



There is no right or wrong way to do this.  Make your first one.  Fine tune what FEELS right for you each New Moon cycle.  I would love to hear from you on how this process has worked in your life! 


I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to empower yourself!  If you found this helpful, then visit my website www.moonwomenspirituality.com.  If your want information on how the daily Moon and Sun energy emotionally affects you, your love and your relationships, visit my astrology blog at www.astromoon.wordpress.com



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  2. Denise Says:

    I’m a fire sign and I use many different ways to visualize; meditation, writing, and an online dream board at http://www.morningcoach.com.

    Great job explaining vision boards!


  3. sherrieh Says:

    Thanks Denise. Hopefully people will make their way to your excellent blog!

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    Outstanding internet site – Hope to definitely come back again.

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