Happiness is your choice. 

Joy is your choice. 

Contentment is your choice. 

What is the difference among them?  They are a sandwich around your heart. The three make the perfect combination.  But you know what?  Any two of them are tasty as well. 

Contentment is the underlying melody running in every heartbeat you have.

Happiness is the words you hear in your heart and in your self talk.

Joy are the moments you stop the world and allow yourself to live in the NOW.


Empower yourself and experience the happy sandwich.  You increase the number of  Joyful Moments you experience daily.  You get to choose this as a habit!  Angel blessings from the universe!!


4 Responses to “Happy”

  1. beetlebabee Says:

    I believe you choose much of your attitude, but I think there is another factor as well. When I make a mistake, I feel awful. I don’t choose to stay there though. Only just long enough to learn and move on. I love the song “You live, you learn” for that reason. If you live, you’re going to learn, and you learn most by your mistakes and experiences, painful as they are.

    Life is full of opposites, ups and downs, goods and bads. Pain and misery do come. It’s what you do with them when they come that makes all the difference.


  2. sherrieh Says:

    I do believe we have to acknowledge the negative feelings, but we do not have to drown in them. That’s where we are in control of how we choose to move forward with intent to have a good day. Bless you for your insightfulness!

  3. Joe Average Says:

    Ups and downs are part of life; they’re not necessarily bad. They just are.

    Best wishes.

  4. sherrieh Says:

    You are correct. Ups and downs are part of our cycle of learning. If we learn the lessons when we are down, we usually only have to repeat them at a deeper level later on. Angel blessings to you!

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