Vote ABC for Democracy!

ABC = Anybody But Conservative in Canada.  I do not like dictators.  We have a dictator in Steven Harper, current prime minister of Canada.  The Conservative party has a track record of illegal actions, deceit, lies, cover-ups plus lack of accountability and transparency.  I have a problem with someone who keeps his party so secretive that his members are not allowed to speak without his say so.  Harper has hamstrung our country’s voices in many diverse ways. 



1.  Illegal – if you and I did this to people who worked for us, we would be charged under the law.  There are certain groups in our country that are set up so they cannot be politically interfered with for the greater good in day-to-day operation of our country.  Here are only a few examples of what the Harper government has done.  Since Harper and his cabinet fired these folks unjustifiably, we the taxpayer are on the hook for paying millions of dollars in lawsuits.  Additional links are given for you to check out the research.


a.  the firing of Linda Keen, president of the Nuclear Safety Regulatory Agency.  She was doing her job that is supposed to be distanced from political interference for the safety of all of us.  She refused to be silenced and Harper fired her.


b.  the firing of Adrian Measner, president and CEO of the Canadian Wheat Board.  Measner refused to violate the Privacy Act for the Harper government and was fired for his actions.


c.  Harper’s  own federal law about when he would call an election.  He brought the parliamentary law into being, yet he went totally against it.  By going to the polls a year early, he cost our country over $3 million dollars at a time when it is not fiscally prudent to do so.  Yes every time we go to the polls federally, it costs us taxpayers over $3 million dollars.


2.  Lies, deceits and cover-ups.  Harper has lied to us about the state of our economy.  He has been saying all along that Canada will weather this economic storm.  Harper ignored what the Bank of Canada had to say in June about the health of the Canadian economy  He ignored what all Canadians have been feeling in their home based budgets for some time. Instead he lied to us about the health of the Canadian economy.  So yesterday Harper was forced to pump billions of dollars into the banking system to shore it up.  That’s our tax dollars.  Excuse me, but the last time I looked in the business section of the paper the Canadian banks were bragging about how many billions they made from us during the last quarter.  Something does not fit right in this picture. 


3.  Lies, deceits and cover-ups.  Harper changed the dynamics of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  Your health and mine are at an increased risk as a result.  On April 1, 2008 the CFIA changed how contaminated foods were to be reported to the public. As a result 20 people have died from listeria.  Harper and his government created those CFIA changes in policy.  For additional information see:


1.      lack of accountability and transparency – Harper’s government has refused to let parliament know how much this war in Afghanistan is costing the Canadian taxpayer.  We will never win this war, so why again are we in it?  In the late 19th century, Afghanistan became a buffer state in “The Great Game” played between the British Indian Empire and Russian Empire.[11] Because Bush said so?  Hello!  Bush wants to control the world’s oil supply.  That’s the motivation behind Bush’s war on terror folks.  Instead it should be labeled, the war on who controls the world’s supply of oil. 


I believe we have to focus on principles and good values when we vote. I believe in looking at historic track records and truths.  Vote anybody but Conservative in Canada’s election!

Color our world with ABC!


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4 Responses to “Vote ABC for Democracy!”

  1. neilemac Says:

    Along with reading you and ‘kali’ for astrological information, I receive a daily ‘horoscope’ from Ivillage; today’s stated….

    Your intuition is strong now and you’re much better able to understand friends and family, even when they are confused themselves. You may need to do something a little crazy to get them to see the light!

    It appears you’ve been touched by similar energy Sherrie my ‘twin,’ of course; but must admit your take on the situation is anything but ‘crazy.’ Wish the rest of Canada would resolve to use ‘higher consciousness’ and realize how detrimental a majority of Harpercrits would be on all of us across this once great nation.

    Thanks for your support, and wise words my dear friend; hope visitors have their minds open to your warning this time.

    Peace in all dimensions…
    neil xx

  2. sherrieh Says:

    Hi Neil. I’m delighted you found me! I’m simply going to have to post something on the election until after we go to the polls. To see the astrological influence go to In viewing the charts the writing is on the wall clearly!

  3. thenonconformer Says:

    I too support none of the Polticians who are basica liars, and that inludes professing Christians ones especially like Stephen Harper.

  4. sherrieh Says:

    Thanks Thenonconformer for your words of wisdom. Just because a person says they are a Christian or any other religion for that matter, unless they walk the talk in their everyday life, I personnally do not believe them. Hugs to you!

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