Friendship & Birds of a Feather

Birds of a feather flock together.  Family is important.  Friendships are important.  You are who your friends are.  Friends usually hang out together because they share similar interests and have lots to discuss they find of mutual interest.


A friend of mine recently was lamenting how some of her family and friends seemed to be like sponges, soaking up her time, and her good will.  She is such a kind hearted person, opening her doors to one and all.  However as a result, she feels drained emotionally by these vultures. They come to pick away at her soul kindness and her generous spirit.


However, it is her choice.  If she chooses to stay grounded with the turkeys by putting energy into them, then that’s what she gets.    Turkeys fatten easily because they don’t do anything.  They have tiny wee brains that tell them to be lazy. 


Woodpecker chipping away at your emotions

Woodpecker chipping away at your emotions

She will continue to have the vultures around her.  Vultures just feed off everyone else refusing to do anything for themselves.  She can choose woodpeckers pecking away at her good will unless she establishes some clear cut boundaries for herself.  By filling in the Circle of Friendship areas, she can clearly see who she should be willingly spending her free time with.  You’ll notice the vultures, turkeys and woodpeckers flock around you particularly when the Moon is in a water sign.  Empower yourself!  Be aware of the Emotional energy that is out there day by day by checking out my astrology blog!







Eagle Leader

Eagle Leader

She can choose to soar with the eagles.  Those are her friends who are kind and peaceful as she is.  Those eagles are soaring above the clouds since they raised their consciousness level.   Eagles are the leaders in our society.  They often soar alone.









Geese support

Geese support

She can choose to fly with the geese.  Geese are supportive of one another as they fly in the same direction.  That’s the key.  They lift one another up and have a similar purpose in life.  That’s why they fly in a V for victory formation.











Wise Owl

Wise Owl

She can choose the wisdom of the owl who hoots only once in awhile.  The owl is renowned for its silent wisdom and is Athena’s goddess of wisdom’s friend.  Owl flies silently and only speaks occasionally.  Be a wise owl and fill in your circle of friends today!



Reflection Questions:  Friendship quiz ~ what kind of bird are your friends?

1.  turkey

2.  vulture

3.  woodpecker

4.  eagle

5.  goose

6.  owl

If you are not surrounding yourself with eagles, geese and owls, why not?  Love yourself!  This is not pampering, it’s called survival!  Set clear boundaries for your friendships.  Put energy only into those friendships that support you in your journey through life! 


I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to empower yourself!  If you found this helpful, then visit my website  If your want information on how the daily Moon and Sun energy affects you, your love and your relationships, visit


Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends


5 Responses to “Friendship & Birds of a Feather”

  1. Rosa Says:

    This reminds me of what Julia Cameron points out in her book The Artist’s Way, and the crazymakers in our lives. And how to surround ourselves with more like minded and/or supportive people. *smile*

  2. mysoundingboard123 Says:

    Hey .. this is pretty interesting… it is imperative to love and respect oneself b4 being able to love others 😀

  3. sherrieh Says:

    I’m grateful you found it of value. You are so totally right about loving and respecting yourself!

  4. realtalk1101 Says:

    I love this because it’s so true people forget to do this especially love and respect theirself, but they continually try to love someone else forgetting to love theirself. It’s so true about friends than again it’s hard changing your friends and finding friends that fit your moral values, but you can still like their personality! Love the post and thanks for commenting my blog I really appreciate it! –

    -miss gina

  5. sherrieh Says:

    I know it’s tough to change friendships. However, as we grow ourselves, we will often find ourselves choosing to spend less and less time with old friends who no longer reflect our values. I do believe the universe will bring new friends into our lives who better suit us when we do our own shifting towards growth.

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