Manifest Your Ideal Soul Mate & Friendships

It is prime time for manifesting the ideal man or the ideal woman you want as your soul mate.  Similarly, if you want close reliable friendships to manifest in your life, then you need to learn about loving yourself first!



Bake a Perfect Partner Cake! 

So who is this heavenly partner you are going to manifest?  Before you can possibly bring your ideal person into your life, you must be clear on what qualities he or she should have.  It’s like baking a cake.  What are the main ingredients?  In other words, what do you answer to the following?

a.      4 ingredients or qualities you absolutely need to have in a partner or friend

b.      4 qualities or characteristics that would be nice to have – icing on the cake!

c.      4 qualities I absolutely do NOT want – it would ruin my cake!


Here is a list of the first 10 ingredients or qualities that you might want to consider to get you started:

Assertiveness         caring          cleanliness             commitment

Compassion             confidence    consideration         cooperation

                    Courage                 courtesy



Reflection Questions! 

  1. Make a list of 10 or more people who are closest to you whom you love.
  2. Who of those people do you trust to be in your inner circle of deep friendship? Put them in the category of Friends # 1
  3. Who does not make your inner circle of loving people who support you when life has its dark moments? Put them in the mental category of Friends # 2
  4. Who are you focusing your time energy on?   Friends #1 or Friends #2
  5. Love yourself first.  How on earth can you possibly take care of others if you do not take care of you?  On a scale of 1 – 10 how well did you pamper yourself and love yourself yesterday?  If you are not at least at a 6, then start pampering yourself today!


Once you are clear with yourself as to what qualities you want, put those words into affirmations for your manifesting or vision board.  Then say them every day at the beginning of your day or just before you go to sleep.  The Law of Attraction and the Universe will bring people with these awesome characteristics into your world.  Empower yourself with your Vision Board of your ideal world.  You get to choose!


Affirmation:  My ideal partner has these qualities of ________.  He or she is in my world now.  I’m grateful to the universe for bringing my ideal partner to me.  S/he resonates with the qualities I need to bake my perfect partnership cake!



For it was not into my ear you whispered,

But into my heart.

It was not my lips you kissed,

But my soul.

(Judy Garland)



I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to empower yourself!  If you found this helpful, then visit my website  If your want information on how the daily Moon and Sun energy affects you, your love and your relationships, visit


One Response to “Manifest Your Ideal Soul Mate & Friendships”

  1. zenuria Says:

    I love the Judy Garland quote. Time for me to come up with a new recipe I think – the one I’ve always used in the past doesn’t work 🙂

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