5 CHART Secrets to Ideal Man or Woman Relationship

We all want to chart our way to the ideal relationship with a partner.  Whether you are looking for the ideal man or the ideal woman in a relationship, there is a road map or chart to growing that relationship.  The same holds true for growing a fabulous friendship!



First you find someone worthy of you and then apply the CHART acronym and principles below.  If you don’t have any of these five fundamental foundation keys, your relationship will wither and die.  When one practices, the spiritual principles of the law of attraction, one manifests a partner whose energy mirrors your own.  In my experience in counseling as well as growing my own marriage, I have found these secret keys to make a relationship not only thrive, but also come alive!



C ommunication.  Talk about the little things as well as the big things!

H onesty.  The ability to trust your partner enough to be 100% honest

A ttitude of a cup half full.  In other words, a positive reframing attitude.

R espect for each others strengths and weaknesses.  We all have both. 

T rust.  If you take the “t” off you get rust and then you have dust!


Recently a woman married for 10 years with 3 kids told me she was ready to throw in the towel and end her marriage.  To all outward appearances, she has it all with a successful husband, a nice home and luxury of being a stay-at-home mother.  Now I happen to know this successful workaholic husband adores his wife and kids.  So what was missing?  The only element from the CHART was communication.  Hubby was too busy to listen to what was important to his wife and acknowledge her emotional needs.  She needed to be heard.  Communication has two elements to it.  One of these is to be heard and the other is to speak.  Both pieces have to be in place before you have communication and both man and woman have to have their say as well as their hearing. 




Reflection Questions Love Quiz On a scale of 1-10 rate yourself.  5 = average, 10 is top of the scale.

  1. communication – how well do I listen? 
  2. communication –  Do I feel like I am heard by my partner?
  3. honesty – how much can you honestly tell to your honey?
  4. attitude – how frequently do you show that you are contented to be with your main squeeze?  Are you positive or negative?
  5. respect – strengths, gifts and talents – do you support these in your partner?
  6. respect – weaknesses – do you make allowances for these? 
  7. trust – how well can you trust the person you love?  What percentage of the time?

If you scored 5 or less on any one of these areas, you have some major work to do on your relationship.  The higher you score the better quality relationship you have.  A note of caution to all of you is that a relationship has to be constantly watered with CHART elements or it withers and blows away in the dust!  CHART holds true for quality friendships as well.



May the hinges of love never rust

nor the wings of friendship lose a feather

(Jack Frost, 2008)


I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to empower yourself!  If you found this helpful, then visit my website www.moonwomenspirituality.com.  If your want information on how the daily Moon and Sun energy affects you, your love and your relationships, visit www.wisewomaninwoods.blog.ca


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  1. goldenferi Says:

    Hello from your Blog Uk friend SWJ. I’ve got blogs here as well. Lovely blog. I’ll add it to my blogroll today.

  2. sherrieh Says:

    Finally, I found out how to respond to this! Do I ever love your name! Magical and mystical. I’m still trying to figure out how to put chocolate on that blogroll!

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