Love Quiz on Compatibility

Both women and men want to know if they are compatible or not.  While love may appear to be a mystery, there is one alternative solution that works exceptionally well.  It helps you to determine whether you are compatible with the person of your dreams.


Years ago, I set out to find how I could increase my Love IQ.  I found that when I looked at my partner’s astrology Moon sign, it helped me to understand where my partner was coming from emotionally.  The Moon sign is about affairs of the heart.  The Moon sign is also how we react to our world emotionally.  Relationships have to do with emotions, so for me it was a terrific fit.  By matching up the Moon and Sun energy of two people you are more likely to be compatible my research showed me.  The result?  My hubby and I have our Moon and Sun signs matching in earth and water and it is a fabulous mix.  Air and fire elements also work well together emotionally.  That doesn’t necessarily mean other astrology sign combinations don’t work.  They just seem to have to work harder at making a compatible relationship work well.


Reflection Questions

1.      Where is your Sun Sign?  Your Moon sign?    

2.      What elements of fire, earth, air or water does your Sun and your Moon fall under?

3.      Where is your sweetheart’s Sun Sign?  His Moon sign?

4.      In which elements of fire, earth, air or water does your sweetheart’s Sun and Moon Sign fall under?



To find where the Moon is in your chart visit my website at and visit the section on Love and relationships.  Follow the links!  I love my journey into myself.  Do you love your journey?  If not, then do the work to change that!  If you desire information on how horoscopes relate to love, visit


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